Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Wednesday Update

 How is everyone tonight? On Sunday I went to the library and was super excited to find a book I had seen in magazines and really wanted. Since I didn't know if I would like the rest of the book I couldn't justify the expense for maybe one pattern. I would see it from time to time and wish that I could find it in a library. Well, I found it. I have to say I am really happy that I did not buy the book. The pattern for the hat that is on the cover is the only one I like and the pattern has so many mistakes in it that I had to re-do most of it on my own. I should have known when it said I would need 657 yards of yarn. What? I read that over and over. Most hats are well under 200 yards. Not only was the yardage wrong, I used maybe 125 yards, but I had to change hook size. It is an adult sized hat and I checked the gauge. No problem. Started making it and realized it wouldn't fit even my daughter. I went up two hook sizes and it just fits my 6 year old. Now, my gauge matched with the book and using the hook called for in the pattern. So I changed the hook size and made the hat. Then I got to the ruffle. I followed the pattern and it looked nothing at all like the photo in the book. Nothing at all. Again, I went back and re-did the ruffle using my own design. The hat that I wanted is now finished and fits my daughter not me. So glad I didn't buy the book. Here is Autumn in 'my' hat. Lol.
Turned out kind of cute, here is the book.
This is another photo of the finished hat.
Sorry for the blur. I could not get a good shot of it. Too bad the pattern was a mess. I don't think the body of the hat looks like the photo either and I did follow the pattern until the ruffle. Oh well. Like I said, glad I didn't buy the book.
 I also got my hair cut last on Saturday. I used to have really long hair. I gave 18 inches of it to Locks of Love when I first got it cut.
Here it is now.
I liked my long hair, but it was so much work I decided on a change. I always ended up putting it up on top of my head anyway. For the last 6 months or so I realized I was always wearing it up again. So I went and got it cut off.  I forgot how curly my hair can be. Love the hair cut though, don't do anything but let it dry after my shower. I think I had better start to wear some make-up or something though. 44 is not 24. Lol.
 My last little ramble for the day. If you read my blog you know I have been super frustrated with the postal system here. Packages sent by me and not delivered. Packages sent to me and opened and things missing, etc. I could go on. I went to the post office to send a package. I decided to give it one more try since UPS and FedEx are not too close to where I live and I don't really drive anywhere during the week. My car is a gas hog and Will uses his to get to work. I got to the post office and all the regular people are gone. Maybe things will change now. I sent my friend Tracy another package (third try) on Monday. Lets hope it gets to England sometime next week.
 I did get some nice news yesterday. Two very kind bloggers have given me the Sunshine Award. I will do a post about that tomorrow. I always feel honored that anyone is even reading my blog. Thank you to Barbina and Eileen. I really love both of these blogs.


  1. I have some typos in this post, I can't get back in to edit the page. Is anyone having trouble with Blogger right now?

  2. Yes _ I can't load photos in the order I want them....

    I haven't received my jubilee swap parcel and its only coming from England!

    I loved what you sent Sue, she brought them to show me. Lucky lady!

  3. The hat is proper cute. I lOve your new hair look real nice. Hope your post arrives safely.

  4. Hi Kashi - great hat!!! Didn't notice the typos so you've either fixed them or I'm just not seeing them!!!! Highly possible! BTW, I've nominated your blog for the Sunshine Award so pop over for the rules. And don't worry about wearing make up ... us 40 somethings should stand together and be proud!!! xxx

  5. Your hat does look lovely on your beautiful daughter...any way you don't want to cover up your new haircut! :) x