Saturday, September 3, 2011

Thanks for reading my new blog!

Hello Everyone,

 I wanted to share photos of some of my newest projects. I have been home since the end of May recovering from a knee replacement and have spent the summer making many crochet projects. It has been a very long and tough recovery process and I am almost ready to go back to work, finally. I made a number of bags, which were my own designs. My daughter wanted a Red Riding Hood Cape and I need to write that pattern down, I made it up as I went. I also made two sweaters and am working on the third one right now. I really want to thank the readers of Attic24 who came over to check out my blog, and special thanks to Joan, my first follower. I am still new to this and will continue to work on the layout of this blog. These are some the photos of my work. I will post some pictures of the bags tomorrow.

Friday, September 2, 2011


Hello Everyone,
 This is my first blog ever. I have been reading Attic24 and Crochet with Raymond avidly for quite awhile and thought I would try to attempt  a blog myself. I love to crochet and would love to show my current projects with everyone, as well as all the daily craziness I get myself into. I am currently working on 5 crochet projects. I joined One a Day with Crochet with Raymond's Alice just a couple of days ago and I am loving it. I can currently work on my other projects, which are all for other people without feeling guilty. I hope everyone enjoys watching some of my projects come together. I love working on them. The photo is the first square from the One a Day project. It is a square from Crochet with Raymond's Gypsy Caravan pattern.