Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A Cowl, An Owl And A Teddy Bear

 I hope everyone is having a good week. I have still been going kind of slow, not much running around,  and certainly no housework. He he. I am feeling a lot better though and I went back to work on Monday. I have made a few more things to show you. I finished this Bellflower Infinity Scarf that I was working on for a CAL with the group Everything Zen on Ravelry. We make all kinds of different things in that group. It is lots of fun and we have really nice people in our group. Come join us if you like. You don't have to participate in all of the CAL/KALs that we do and if you want to make something you are invited to start your own CAL/KAL. Here is the cowl.

It is for me, but she is my model.
  Autumn has had to take a backpack to school since she started kindergarten last year. We have been walking to work since April and the backpack has been bothering her. She has broken her collarbone twice and the backpack strap hurts on the side where it was broken. One day I let her carry one of my bags and she carried it like a messenger bag. She loved it and it didn't hurt her shoulder. She wanted me to make her an owl bag. She said it had to be really big. So I made her this.

The wings are also pockets. She loves it and used it yesterday.
 Today is the birthday of one of the babies in the nursery I work in. She is also the daughter of my friend, Heather. The same lady who came to help me when I hurt myself last week, she is also my boss. I love her baby. She is a funny little thing. I made her a little teddy bear to carry around and play with. I used scrap yarn and worked it up while watching a documentary last night.
Looks like I need to put a nose on it. Ha ha. Somehow I forgot that until I saw the photo. I have time before work. So, that is what I have been up to this week. I will talk to everyone soon. I still have more to show you. :)

P.S. The bear is no longer noseless.