Sunday, July 21, 2013

Phone Cozy

 This morning I decided to make a phone cozy. I don't like putting my phone in my bag unprotected. It has a scratch resistant screen, but I still feel like something is going to happen to it. I made a very simple little striped cozy for it. I used dk cotton and an E hook.
It was very easy to make. I started by chaining the width of the phone. For this phone it was 12 chains, plus one for the first stitch. Then sc in the second chain from the hook and sc across. Slip stitch to close the row.

Then you chain one and start to sc around. There are 12 sc's, you will sc 12 times on each side of the foundation row. Don't add any increases. The foundation row will be the bottom of the little bag and the 24 sc's will be the sides.

 All you have to do now is add rows of 24 sc's until the bag is long enough to hold your phone. I changed colors on every row.

When your phone cozy is long enough to hold your phone, just slip stitch around the top. I added a button to the front of mine, so half way through I stopped slip stitching and chained 14. Then went back to where I left off and slip stitched to the end. That will make the closure for the button. Then attach a button and there you have it.

If you want to make the little polka dot row, it is simple. With the main color, sc around. Change color and on this round *sc, ch1, sk 1 stitch* around. Fasten off at the end of the row. On the next row, sc on top of an sc for the next stitch you will sc in th skipped stitch on the row below. Continue around and fasten off. It will look like the green dots in the row of purple stitches.
 I hope everyone is having a great weekend. I am going to read some more of Winter of the World, if you like historical fiction, I highly recommend it. It is the second book in Ken Follet's trilogy. Talk to everyone soon. :)