Wednesday, October 12, 2011

What I'm Working On Wednesday/ Late Tuesday Tally

Hello Everyone,
 Once again I missed Tuesday's Tallies. Real life keeps happening. I had everything ready to post yesterday and my little one got sick. She is going to stay home today, but she is sleeping right now so I have a little time. I didn't think I had gotten much done on my One-a-Day project, but then I got everything out to take pictures and felt much better. Ravelry has a group run by Gingerbread Girl, it is great. You work on one part of your project a day. It helps to stay motivated and it is really nice to watch what everyone else is doing too. Check it out if you haven't already.
Here is my update...
I made 20 green ringed squares this week.
I added the lavender edge to the pink discs I had made last week. And this is what I have completed so far...
The part of the blanket that is sewn together is too large to get a whole picture of. This is the blanket folded with the rest of the yarn. I think I have enough to complete the blanket.
I have about half of it done. I started making the squares by the number of each color I needed. I was making them in the order they were needed for each strip of 16, then I was afraid I would run out of certain colors. The shop I get this yarn at is getting ready for Christmas and doesn't stock the whole range until after the holidays. They have to make room for the Christmas yarns. They would order it for me, but who wants to wait for yarn while in the middle of a project?  I should be done with this one right around Christmas time. I can't wait to start sewing it together again. I have to make the purple discs, the blue discs and the multi-colored discs. Then start sewing again. I love the way the mandala squares look. Thanks to Alice's pattern. Here is the other blanket that I started last week. Haven't gotten much done on it, but I like the way it is looking. It (sadly, cause I want to keep it) will be a Christmas present.
This blanket is a lot of fun to work on. I am doing different patterns and stitches throughout. I have a sequence all worked out. I like it because it doesn't get boring since every few rows I change stitches.
the last thing I am working on is a little dolly blanket. My daughter asked me a couple of days if she could pick out some yarn for me to make her dolly a blanket. How could I say no?
That's what I have been up to this week. Now I am going to Ravelry to look at everyone else's work. I will talk to everyone soon.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Happy Sunday


 I have been so busy this week that I didn't even know I had won my first giveaway. I was so surprised when I came home for lunch on Friday and had a message from Deb. She was one of my first followers.  I don't know how I missed that I had won, except that I have just gone back to work after 4 months of staying home to recover from a knee replacement. I have been so busy, I don't know how I used to get everything done before. This week I feel like I can't catch up with anything. Yesterday, I admit, I indulged in resting and crochet. I let the house stay messy and ignored all the chores that were yelling at me "come clean me".  Last weekend I decided I would make myself another bag. I have a thing for bags. I made about 15 of them this summer. It was too hot to work on blankets and I needed to keep busy. I have gifted most of them and a couple of days ago I gave the rest of them to one of our local churches for a charity sale they are having. I did keep two for myself. The first Lucy bag I made and  Pink Striped bag (the one in my side pictures) are mine. I have been intrigued with all the granny square bags I have seen and decided I could make one for myself.
So I went through my stash and pulled these balls out. They are 100 percent cotton. I like it for bags. It doesn't stretch and can easily be cleaned if needed.  Then I decided on a basic granny square.
They all have a dark purple center and a green outer square. I alternated the third and fourth rings.
I then used the join as you go method to put it all together. I had attempted this with my One-A-Day project and hated it and pulled it out and am sewing that blanket together. However, I had much better luck this time and like how it all came together.

It works up so fast and if I hadn't already sewn 7 rows together on the blanket, I would go with this method. I made the mistake of not practicing first before attempting the method on the blanket.  I crocheted a border on the bag, made the handles and lined it with some purple gingham I had leftover from something I made for my daughter and tah dah...
The bag consists of 19 squares. I made most of it in the evenings after work and did all the finishing yesterday. Then I took Autumn to the park. It has gone from being very cold ( in the forties) to 87 degrees this weekend. Indian Summer for sure.
It is funny to see the leaves already falling when it is so hot. Today I have to attend to the mess I call a house. It will be a good day, a couple of hours of cleaning then off to the park or playground with Will and Autumn. Have a great Sunday.