Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Cherry Scarf and Hat

 September has been a month of birthdays, for our family and our friends. I haven't blogged as much this month, I was busy making presents. The last birthday that I have to make a gift for is this coming Saturday. I will post about that present tomorrow, I am almost finished with that gift. Last weekend was one of the birthdays I was busy with. My daughter has a friend who turned 6, we got her a book of fairy tales and I made her a scarf and hat set. Her baby sister is in the nursery where I work and I made her the kitty cat toy. Olivia is 5 years older and when she used to go to our daycare she would always ask me to 'knit' her something. I saw a scarf and hat set with cherries somewhere. I can't remember where. I wanted to make the pattern but couldn't for the life of me remember where I saw the set. I decided it wouldn't be hard to make it from memory and this is what I came up with.
Autumn has to model everything I make. Lol.
This was a very easy and fast project. I used leftover Impeccable yarn from Michaels and an G hook. I had white, fern and pink. I am not sure of the name of the pink. It is durable but soft yarn. For the hat I started with a sliding ring and made 8 hdc in the ring. I did the first 4 rows in white with 8 increases in each row until I got to 88 stitches in a row. After the 4 white rows I did a fern row, white row, pink row. I alternated every row with white and went back and forth with the fern and pink. I kept having Autumn try the hat on until it was ready for the brim. For the brim I did front post dc and then back post dc around. I did 4 rows that and the brim was finished. Pretty simple. The scarf was even easier. I made a foundation ch of 147. Then hdc in the third ch from the hook. Counting the ch 3 there are 146 hdc in each row. I did 4 rows of white then two rows each of fern, white, pink, white, and then fern, ending with 4 rows of white. On each end I did 4 rows of 30 hdc. For the leaves I used this pattern. For the cherries I used this pattern. This was fun and only took a few hours at night while Autumn read stories from her library books to me. I am finishing up the last birthday present tonight and then I am going to finish my Granny Love blanket. Then, well, I have to say it. I will be working on Christmas presents for a while. I have 4 blankets to make, a Nativity Scene and 4 scarves. There is more, I just haven't decided on all of it yet. I love this time of year though. I love getting ready for the holidays almost as much as I love to celebrate them. I will talk to everyone tomorrow. :)

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Tuesday's Tallies, End of September

 I haven't posted a Tuesday's Tallies in about a month. I have been busy with birthdays and making gifts. I took a little break from my Granny Love blanket. I still think I can get it done by the end of October. On Sunday I sat down and started to make the rest of the centers for the squares that are left. I am over a third of the way done with the blanket and I did this with the last granny blanket I made too. The blanket is a stash buster and I want to make sure I distribute all the remaining colors evenly before I run out of anything. I will not buy any yarn for this. I have plenty. So I sat down to make the centers. I think I will have the centers all finished by the end of this week. Then I will do the middles etc. After that I will lay all the squares out the way I want them and join like crazy. This method seems to go faster then making each square by itself. Here is what I have made since Sunday.
Terrible photo, but our camera needs charging and this was the best I could get at four in the morning with my phone and bad light. As you can see I have enough yarn, I will run out of some colors and have plenty of others. I am excited to finish now and get this on our bed. It is cold at night now.

This is my One-A-Day Granny Love blanket. Gingerbread Girl hosts this group and sets up a link party on Tuesday's. Go check out everyone's work. I have another Ta Dah that I will post tomorrow. Talk to you all then. :)