Thursday, September 5, 2013

A New Afghan

 About three weeks ago I decided to make an afghan for my co-worker in the nursery. She takes care of the new born babies and I take care of the the toddlers. We share a room that is divided by a half wall with a bar type shelf that runs through the middle of the room. I also worked with Judy at the nursing home a few years ago. She is a really cool lady and I wanted to make something for her. She moved twice this summer and so this is a kind of house warming present.
 I love patterns by Alice Best and chose to make a blanket with grandala squares.

There are 168 squares and I think it took longer to sew in the ends than to crochet the blanket. I will give it to Judy tomorrow, I hope she likes it.
  I have already started on a new blanket that I have been thinking about for a few weeks. I have several babies to make blankets for and I already have one of the patterns and yarn selected. The first one is going to be a granny stripe in greens and creams. The light is gone now but I will take some photos of it this weekend. Happy stitching everyone. :)