Monday, July 15, 2013

Adia's Blanket

Last Christmas I made blankets for my four little friends that I was taking care of in the nursery at work. At the time I was alone with my four kiddos and I grew very attached to all of them. All four of them have moved up to the two year old room. I love my new babies, but no one will ever replace my 'fab four'. I miss them.
 I made Adia a blanket that was very colorful and it was the first blanket that I used my granny rectangle pattern on. Here it is.
Sadly, this blanket was damaged in the wash. Adia's mommy is the director where I work and she brought it in and asked if I could fix it. I said yes, knowing that I couldn't. Instead I decided it was the perfect time to make another blanket for Adia.
Hard to see, but it is three shades of purple, two shades of aqua and a grey. This was another scrap buster. I used up some more of the leftover yarn I have. I have done really well this year. I have only bought yarn twice for myself. I have been concentrating on using all the yarn that I just had to buy.
I think it turned out pretty well. I took these photos before work this morning. Still dark in my living room. I couldn't wait until the light was better. I wanted to give it to Adia today.
I hope she likes it. Now I am going to make a blanket for my co-worker, Judy. She saw it and thought I had made it for her. She just moved into a new place. I love any reason to make a blanket so she will be in luck. I sat at my daughter's swimming lessons tonight drawing up a design for Judy. Stay tuned. Talk to everyone soon. :)