Sunday, August 24, 2014

Little Red Riding Hood and Autumn's New Blanket

 It has been months since I posted. I have been happily busy with my 3rd grader, Brownies and I started a new job. I am still crocheting though. Most of the time I forget to photograph what I have made and give it away. I have some photos on my phone that will not upload to my computer. I don't know why they won't, I have tried several times to put them in my photo gallery.
 Here is a wall hanging I made for the nursery at my last job. I don't know if it is still hanging, I quit about a month after putting it on the wall.
 I took some time off with my daughter this summer. She wanted a new blanket, I have made her three so far. This one has 720 1 inch squares in all different colors. I used the continuous join method in light pink, after joining, each square is 2". If you haven't tried the continuous join, you should. It changed how I do motifs. I think it is awesome. It was a lot of work. I loved making it though.

 The finished blanket is 6' by 7' and fits nicely on her bed. Luckily, this summer has not been very hot and making this blanket was no problem. I used scraps of yarn for the little squares and I still have some left over. I am going to start a ripple with the rest. I vowed a year and a half ago to use up all of the yarn I have. I have been good and haven't bought any, unless it was to finish a project or it was something someone asked me to make for them. I figure that by Christmas I can go yarn shopping again. :)