Monday, May 14, 2012

The Felting Disaster

 How is everyone today? What a beautiful day we have had here. It started out in a crazy way. Last Friday the blacktop on our driveway was redone and we weren't able to park on it for three days. I took my car to work and left it there. I pulled it into the driveway at work, I had permission and knew it would be safe there. Yesterday I told Will we should go get it before it got too late. I don't work until 7:00am and the spot I had the car in is for the 6:30am staff member. She wouldn't have cared, but I didn't want my car in her spot. I ended up falling to sleep before we could go get it and bring it home. I got up at 4 this morning, as usual, had my coffee, showered, got dressed. Everyone was still asleep and it was only 4:45. The sun was a dim light on the horizon so I took off and walked to work to get the car and bring it home before my co-worker came in and needed her spot. I get all the way down there and turn the corner and the car wasn't there. My heart dropped to my stomach. I couldn't figure out what the heck. I have the only set of keys to the car and I had them with me. I got back home and looked down a side street and there the car was. Our driveway was still taped off. I don't know how Will even knew where to find the keys. I change bags all the time and how he found them I don't know. They weren't even in the bag I carried all weekend. Needless to say I was relieved. The whole walk home I was hoping that he had somehow come and got it. He was just being a good hubby. It was Mother's Day after all. I don't even drive the car very much. I have been walking to work and the grocery store here in town. Gas has gotten so expensive, I feel guilty driving the thing if I don't really need to. Our other car is a little Saturn that gets great gas mileage, Will drives that to work. He works down in Iowa City. I work 3 blocks from my house.
 After coming home from work I decided I finally had time to felt the bag I had crocheted a couple of weeks ago. I have made four felted bags before I attempted this one. They all turned out really nicely and I gave all of them away as gifts. This was well over a year ago, I wasn't blogging or on Ravelry yet and didn't take any photos. This one did not come out.

For one thing the top is so much wider than the bottom and it turned out too short. Should have made it three times deeper. I made it exactly the same way I made the last one, but this one did not work. The good thing is that once a crocheted piece is felted, you can cut it. I will turn it into something else. I had to laugh. I won't even explain the process since it didn't work out. My plan had been to do a felting tutorial. Ha ha.
 I did get some really nice yarn last week. I had heard about Debbie Bliss Andes but never seen it or worked with it. I got 10 hanks of it. It is really soft, really pretty and so far I love working with it. I am making a shawl with it. Here is the yarn.
This was my Mother's Day project. I rolled all of the yarn into balls. No one was awake, it was 4 or so in the morning, I had my coffee and my yarn. Soon into this my little daughter woke up gave me my Mother's Day presents. I got  a box of chocolate, Adele 21 and a card Autumn made me. It was a nice day. It has been a nice weekend altogether. We weren't even looking and we found a house. Yay! We will be moving in July. Yay! We have been pretty couped up in this tiny little place.
 I still have a couple of WIPs. My granny ripple is almost done. I think I will wait to update on that until it is finished. I am very close. Maybe by the weekend I can show it finished.
 I will talk to everyone soon.  :)