Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A Giveaway, A Swap and Tuesday's Tallies

 This has been a great week. At the end of last week I had two really nice parcels waiting for me when I got home from work. One was from Germany and the other from England. I love getting things, other than bills, in the mail. He he. A few weeks ago I won a giveaway from Barbina, Little Things Made With Love. She made a really neat hook holder and held a giveaway. I couldn't believe it but I won. I had been planning on making a holder for my favorite hooks. They are from Hobby Lobby and have Bamboo handles. Bates also has bamboo handled hooks, but the Hobby Lobby ones have a little bit more of a pointed head. I love them and have been slowly collecting them in every size. Here is the hook holder she made. It is gorgeous.
The little ornament on the right hand side says Made With Love.
The hook holder is full of goodies. Some really pretty stitch markers, needles, pins, a tape measure, scissors, and size 4 hook. Underneath the red flaps is where you put your crochet hooks or small knitting needles. I need to take some better photos. It was dark in here (it is always dark in here) and the pictures I took blurred out the definition. It is a really neat hook holder. I love it. Thank you Barbina!
 The other package I received was from my friend Tracy in England. Tracy and I became friends when we were partnered for a swap in a group on Ravelry. They did the best job ever when they paired us up. I love Tracy. She had wanted to try some cotton from my favorite store, Hobby Lobby. We decided to do a yarn swap. This is the lovely, wonderful yarn she sent me.
 The twisted hanks on top are hand dyed. Underneath was even more awesomeness.
There is some Rico Creative Cotton and some Mayflower Cotton.

The hand dyed yarn and the Rico are worsted wt. and the Mayflower is fingerling. I can't wait to make something with these. Tracy has not yet gotten what I sent her. I hope she gets it soon.
 I made a bit more progress on my Stylin Ripple too. I am more than halfway there on this blanket.
With the leftover Stylecraft I have been making some little squares. Not sure yet what I will do with them, I just like them.
I hope everyone has a great week! I will talk to everyone soon.