Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Tuesday's Tallies, November

Hello everyone,
I can't believe it is Tuesday again. This week was super busy. Four parties, trick or treating and finding time to work on my One-a-Day. Other than the two hats and scarves I made, I didn't get much crochet done. Here is my Grandala blanket.
I actually made 18 squares this week, but I am sewing them together now and that takes sooo much time.
I did a little work on my Happy Ripple too. I think it may have ended up being a stripe a day. I have added it to my One-a-Day goals.
It is folded in half, There are half made blankets all over my living room. Lol. Check out everyone else's work over at Gingerbreadgirl's blog. I love seeing what everyone has done.
 I hope everyone had a great weekend and Halloween. I will close with pictures of my favorite work in progress..

This was on the way to the last of the four parties. Hope everyone has a wonderful day.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Happy Halloween Weekend!

Hello everyone,
  We are in the middle of birthday madness this weekend. My little one went to her first birthday party yesterday. It was a costume party and it was a lot of fun. She went  as Little Red Riding Hood.
  I made the cape last summer when I was still mostly on the couch after knee surgery. I didn't have a pattern or a plan. It turned out cute though. We bought her little friend a gift and then Friday night I made this to add to the present.
  Hats and scarves are always appreciated in this part of the world. It gets really cold here, below zero is nothing new to us. Then I came home and started making party food for another one of her little friends who is having a party today. Her Mother and I used to work together. She is in nursing and I used to be an activities director for the local nursing home. Planning parties was one of the things I did on a regular monthly basis. Sometimes we would have two or three parties. Anyway, she asked if I could make the food for her daughter's party. Lilly and Autumn are only 10 days apart in age and have been friends since they were two. I was happy to say yes. I made Mummy Dogs, Rice Krispy Treats, 50 cupcakes, bread fingers and pizza dip (it looks like blood, but I didn't get a picture) Worms in Dirt, fruit punch and chips and dip and a big bowl of candy. I will try to get more pictures at the party if I am not too busy.

  The bread rose a little too much and the bread fingers look strange, but all in all I think it turned out pretty well. We are getting ready to take the food over and plate it up on spooky platters and all the fun Halloween decorations. When I finished that I made Lilly a hat too.
  My daughter is a ham and was happy to model it for the camera. I love making hats. It only takes about an hour of my time and they look so cute.
  I really want to thank everyone for all the really nice comments I am getting on my posts. The biggest question I get is how do I get my crocheting done. Well, I am a very fast crocheter. I don't know why. I started crocheting 3 years ago and have never looked back. Lol. The other thing is, I don't really sleep as much as most people. I get up at 4 most days and have an hour or two to myself before I have to start doing anything else.
  This is what it looks like here around 4 or 5 am. Sunday is my favorite. Knit and Crochet Today is on at 5 am and I am on the couch with my Happy Ripple. At 6 I started making food for the party. Now we are getting ready to go and I have a little bit of time. Autumn is going to be a Fairy Princess, yes another costume party. I haven't gotten her dressed yet, we still have to set up and all. I will try to get pictures later. It is a crazy weekend. Thursday night was a costume party at the local library. Autumn was photographed for the local paper, it hasn't come out yet. Party Saturday, party today, party tomorrow at school and then trick or treating tomorrow night. Lots of fun.
   I hope everyone has a great Halloween. I will talk to everyone soon.