Thursday, January 19, 2012



I hope everyone is having a happy Thursday. I was awarded the Liebster award again, this time by Shelley at All4meggymoo. She has a really nice blog and I was honored to be given this award again.  The rules are pretty simple. Mention and link the blog that gave it to you. Pick 5 blogs to pass it on to (they have to have under 200 followers). Link to those blogs. Display the Liebster button on your blog. Here are my latest choices.
1. Lucy In The Sky, I love this blog. She always has interesting stories, recipes and projects.
2. Karisma's Kraft. If you don't know about Karisma, you just need to go check out her blog, she is great.
3. Northern Hi-lights. I get to learn about Scottish life reading this blog.
4. According to Matt. This blog was started by Matt and his partner, Denis, has recently started blogging with him. They make the most beautiful and colorful crochet projects. This is another one of those blogs that I was surprised had less than 200 followers.
5. Chaotic Crafting. Brand new blog, the blogger is a pre-school teacher who has two small children of her own. She has great crafty ideas and she is the person who taught me how to read patterns and forced me to take an interest in crochet. She created a monster.
  I hope you enjoy these blogs, I do. I will talk to everyone soon.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tuesday's Tallies/CAL Update

 It is snowing, snowing, snowing here. I love it. I am lucky though, I don't have to drive in it to get to work. I only work a block from my house. So I can just enjoy it.
  The first thing I want to show you is my One-A-Day, hosted by Gingerbreadgirl. I love this group. It has gotten me through a blanket with 288 squares. Whew! I am sewing the last few rows on and hope to have the Ta-Dah post on January 31's Tuesday's Tallies post. I hope to be done sewing it together this week, then figuring out  a border. I may just stick to Alice's pattern all the way. She makes really gorgeous stuff, crocheted and knitted. Here is my progress for the week.

Six more rows to sew on.
 I have also gone a little CAL crazy lately. Right before Christmas I joined the group EVERYTHING CAL. I love it. We have made two mystery projects. We finished this one a couple of days ago.
A little book cover.
I put it on a cookbook I got from my Secret Santa at work. The mystery CAL's have been small projects so far, but we are also doing projects that aren't mysteries. The group administrator made me a moderator and we are starting a new CAL today. A few members put up patterns they wanted to do and we picked the African Flower Bag. It is so pretty.
  I also started two other CAL's. At the beginning of the year, Lucy (Attic24) revealed that she had written the pattern for BLANKET STATEMENT for Debbie Stoller's Stitch Nation. I had been admiring the pattern before I knew who wrote it. I had told myself that after Christmas I would make it. I had joined Debbie Stoller's new group Citizen's Of Stitch Nation on Ravelry on the day it was started. I really admire her. So, when I saw Lucy's blog post, I asked Debbie if we could do a CAL with it. I also asked the moderators on We Love Lucy (on Ravelry) if we could do a CAL there too. I am making two blankets. For Debbies's group I am following the pattern exactly, using Bamboo Ewe yarn.
 For We Love Lucy, I am stash busting. Here is the We Love Lucy blanket so far.
I am not as far along on Citizen's Of Stitch Nation blanket. I had to wait until Saturday for all of my yarn to arrive. Here it is...
Here they are together, you can compare the colors, I tried really hard to match them.
So that is what I have been up too. I also was awarded the Liebster Award again. The third time. It makes me really happy that people like my projects and are interested in what I have to say. This one came from Shelley at All4meggymoo. She also won my giveaway last week. I will blog about the award tomorrow. This post is getting long and I want people to get the proper recognition. Talk to everyone tomorrow.