Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Hello, My Name Is Kashi And I am A Yarnaholic

 I promised everyone the stash post. Moving has made me face the fact that I am not doing as well as I had thought about not buying anymore yarn until I have used what I have. I know I don't have as much yarn as some of you out there, but I really do have too much. I need to finish my WIPs and find ways to use up what I have. I had seven boxes of yarn when I unpacked it last night. I also have several baskets full, several bags full and quite a few projects with lots of yarn attached. Here we go.
This drawer is just the beginning.
This is my dk that is not Stylecraft. I am partial to Stylecraft.There is enough here for at least three baby sweaters.
This is from a sweater that I never made for myself. I have been using it in many different projects. I had 9 balls of it to start with.
Fun fur. Really?

The purple yarns were for a hat and scarf I haven't made. The pink pom pom yarn was for a poodle I haven't made. The thread crochet angel has not been made (I have had that for 10 years). The cabinet has some brown and green bulky yarn leftover from a gift blanket, red and green worsted wt. from Christmas, and worsted wt. cotton. I use the cotton all the time. Then the shiny yarn is dk cotton that I love, the above photo is more dk cotton that I really love.
There is lots more cotton in here. I love cotton for bags, totes, decorations and toys. I don't feel guilty about the cottons, I use them all the time.
Sock yarn.

Stylecraft leftover from my Stylin Ripple.
Stylecraft that didn't go in the ripple.
Both baskets are for sweaters. Top for a baby that was born yesterday and bottom for me.
Granny Love.
The rest of the yarn for Granny Love. We are almost finished. I fear that only my most devoted followers are still with me. Lol.
This one is my own design and pattern. I need to finish it, but it takes a lot of concentration. I am writing the pattern as I go. That was all in the living room. The basement has some in it too.

I can't show close-ups of these, they are going to be gifts. There are also three more baskets full of WIPs that are also gifts. Then there are the two boxes I donated to the local Goodwill Store. I realized I had a problem when it took two car loads to get all of my yarn to our new house. That is my stash. I vow to not buy anymore yarn until all of my current projects are done. This is going to be very difficult, but I have enough to last me for a really long time and enough for many projects that I may want to start in the future. I hope everyone has been having a nice week. I must get back to unpacking. :)

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Tuesday's Tallies


 Time for Tuesday's Tallies. I have 41 squares all made and joined together. I have been working on this for 21 days. Not too bad when you consider I have moved house in the last week. Here are my photos for the week.
 Sorry, but I am not showing more than the floor of our new house until it is finished. Lol. Here are some closer shots of the squares.
I have been sewing the ends in as I go, except when I join with the cream. I finish a row and then go back and sew in. I am using the join as you go method and it is nice and quick.
 Here is the last photo for today.
I have 2 rows of 20 squares done and one for the third row. There will be 18 rows of 20 squares to make one big blanket for our bed. I got the inspiration from my friend, Tracy. She was my Christmas Swap partner with the We Love Lucy group. We became good friends and continue to talk all the time. She saw a blanket here and wanted to make one. Tracy doesn't have a blog though. Maybe she will share hers on Ravelry. I am loving this blanket though.
 Thank goodness for Ravelry. I love that site. Gingerbread Girl started the One-A-Day group there and she has a link party every Tuesday. Go check out her blog to see what everyone else is working on.
 That is it for me for today. Moving has made me assess my stash situation. I will share tomorrow.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Year Of Projects List Update and Progress


 How is everyone this week? We have finished moving everything out of the old place and are now in the middle of unpacking. I kind of like this part. The worst part, when we actually moved our things over here, was Monday. It was over 100 degrees. The whole week has been over 100. Today it is finally down to 88. Still hot, but nothing like it has been. During the unpacking I found a couple of more WIP's that I am adding to my list for the Year of Projects. Here is the revised list:
1. Sidewalk Shawl
2. Japanese Flower Scarf
3. Multi-Stitch Blanket
4. Mom's Blanket
5. Granny Love Blanket
6. My Cardigan- photo below
7. Amiga Cowl
8. Sock Yarn Motif Scarf-photo below
9. Sock yarn slippers
10. One completed knit item

I had packed my projects so I went ahead and started my cardigan. It is called a Ribbon Yarn Jacket. I am using really soft worsted wt. yarn that I just happened to have enough for. I love the stitch.
I also found this project that I had been working on when I needed something small to carry with me.
This is theSock Yarn Motif Scarf. It is a third of the way to being done.
The motif is from this book by Edie Eckman. I love this book.
 I have also started on the Sidewalk Shawl, but don't have photos yet. I will post photos of the Granny Love Blanket on Tuesday's Tallies. I would like to say that I won't add anything to the list until I have finished everything, but we will see.
Go check out everyone's lists for the Second Year of Projects. I will talk to everyone on Tuesday. :)