Tuesday, June 19, 2012

One-A-Day is Back

 I am so happy! The One-A-Day group is back and I am starting a new project to celebrate. My Grandala Blanket, that I worked on for 6 months, was my first One-A-Day project. Unfortunately that blanket was destroyed the first week that it was finished and on my bed. I tried to repair it but it is too damaged. I have been thinking of making something new to replace it. My bed needs a blanket. So in honor of my favorite group returning, here is the first square.

Carole hosts this group on Ravelry and has a link page on here blog called Tuesday's Tallies. I have met so many people and gotten such great ideas from this group. Go check out Carole's blog, you won't be sorry.
 We are off to Adventureland today. Some family fun time. It is in the 90's again, but that is ok. I will talk to everyone soon.