Friday, January 13, 2012

Grandma's Blanket

 We finally had snow! I love the snow. On Wednesday the temperature was in the mid 50s. Yesterday and today the highs are around 12 or 14 degrees. I took some pictures out of the windows of our house. All the windows have non moveable screens, except for the ones in our bedroom. My husband is still sleeping so I took these from the living room and Autumn's bedroom...
This is looking out of the front, you can hardly see our white car.
This from Autumn's bedroom looking out over our back patio.

In the summer you can't even see the back neighbors, the leaves are so thick on the trees. It is still snowing and I love it. I love winter. I love the snow. Fall is my favorite season, but winter is close. School was delayed two hours this morning, so Autumn got to sleep in. I don't have to work today either, it has been great morning.
 I have been working on the BLANKET STATEMENT CAL with the We Love Lucy group on Ravelry. Here is my progress so far.
Those are my toes in the funny slippers Autumn got me for Christmas. I am going to make another one of these with Debbie Stoller's group, Citizen's of Stitch Nation, also on Ravelry. I am still waiting for my yarn. It was supposed to be delivered on the 11th. Hopefully today. I can't wait to compare my stash colors to the Bamboo Ewe that is used in the pattern.
  A couple of people have asked about the blanket I made for my Grandma. I used Lion Brand Yarn's Homespun in the color Tudor. It is a bulky yarn and stitches up really quickly.

I used an N hook. That is a really big hook. Then ch. 144. Dc in the 4th ch from the hook. You will have 140 dc and a ch 3. Each panel is 140 dc with the ch 3 at the beginning. Make 8 rows. Then ch 4 and sk two stitches. Then dbltreble in next dc., ch1, working behind last dbltreble sk one stitch and dbltreble in next stitch back. This will make  an x.*Ch1, in 4th stitch dbltreble, ch1, working behind previous dbletreble, sk next st. then dbltreble in next stitch back.* continue across. You will have a dbltreble every other stitch. When you get to the end of the row and complete your last X, then treble in the last stitch.
The next 8 rows will be 140 dc with the starting ch 3. You will make 6 panels of 8 rows, separated with a row of Xs. You will have 5 rows of Xs. I used 6 1/2 balls of Homespun. I hope this pattern makes sense. I need to work on writing patterns that I make up. If I made any mistakes let me know. I will talk to everyone very soon. Have a wonderful weekend.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Giveaway Winner

Hello everyone,
 I hope everyone is doing well. We are finally having winter weather here. Yesterday it was 54 degrees, today the high was 14. Brrr. It has been snowing all day too.
 We picked a winner today for the granny square bag. The winner is Shelley, from All4meggymoo. I hope you enjoy the bag and I need you to send me your address.
 I finished my second project for 2012. I started this blanket last Thursday and finished it yesterday morning.
It is really warm and really soft...

My Grandmother's birthday is tomorrow, I should have gotten it in the mail yesterday, then the weather today has been horrible and we didn't go anywhere other than to and from work. So, it will get into the post tomorrow. Better late than never.
 I will talk to everyone soon, right now I am so tired I think my bed is calling me. :)

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Tuesday's Tallies and Some Other Stuff

  How is everyone today? I am happy to say Gingerbreadgirl is back with the Tuesday's Tallies for our Ravelry group One-A-Day. It is a great group and I have made a lot of friends there. My Grandala blanket is coming along and I may just get it done by the end of January like I had hoped. All my squares are done. Still sewing them together. I have 10 strips done...
I love my blankie. I have also made progress on the Multi-stitch blanket. It doesn't look like it, unfortunately I had to pull back a whole panel. 10 rows. When I went to do the wavy section again, my stitch count was off and I couldn't get the 37 waves in. It was no fun taking the rows out. Most of the stuff I work on I can stitch up quickly. If you have been watching my blog, you know this one is slow going. Mostly because I made up this pattern and there is no way to fudge it if the stitches are off. So here it is, correctly counted and stitched...
So those are my One-A-Day projects. When I went to Carole's blog this morning, I saw that she is also working on the Blanket Statement from Debbie Stoller and Attic24. I am doing two of them also. I have only started the one, I am waiting for my yarn for the other. Here is my progress on that.
The last thing I wanted to talk about was that I got the Liebster Award again. Vintagehomspun nominated me again and I was really surprised. I have had the best time since I started blogging. It has kept me on track and kept me focused. I find that I am finishing all my projects now and don't have a huge pile of UFOs. I have made great friends and gotten some great ideas from all the blogs I read. Vintagehomespun is a really nice blog. Pop over and check it out.
 I had to think really hard to try and decide who I would put up for it this time. One was obvious to me. I would have nominated it last time, but thought you had to have under 100 followers. When you get this award the idea is to pass it on to 5 blogs that have less than 200 followers, mention and link the blog that gave it to you and help your fellow small blogs find a  bigger audience. So, here are my choices this time...
1. A World of Imagination. I love Deb's blog. I thought she had too many followers the first time around. She is an artist. She crochets really pretty things, but she makes fantastic cards.
2. The Craft Giraffe. Awesome ideas here. I really enjoy reading this one.
3.Teresa Kasner. I think Teresa gets a lot of awards. She is a really neat lady. So busy and so creative. Teresa was another one that I thought had too many followers the first time.
4. Little Things Made With Love. I really like the colors and patterns Barbina uses. You will like this one if you don't know about it already.
5.My House in Africa. I just discovered this blog about a week ago. She is half a world away from me, but I really can relate to her.
Stop by and see these blogs. They make me happy every time they post.
  I am going to do my best to post tomorrow. I have a few other things I want to share, but have gone on long enough today. Tuesday seems to be blog day and I love reading everyone's posts. Talk to you all soon.:)

P.S. I almost forgot. My giveaway is still open, if interested leave a comment on my last post and I will pick a winner on Thursday.