Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Tuesday's Tallies and Some Other Stuff

  How is everyone today? I am happy to say Gingerbreadgirl is back with the Tuesday's Tallies for our Ravelry group One-A-Day. It is a great group and I have made a lot of friends there. My Grandala blanket is coming along and I may just get it done by the end of January like I had hoped. All my squares are done. Still sewing them together. I have 10 strips done...
I love my blankie. I have also made progress on the Multi-stitch blanket. It doesn't look like it, unfortunately I had to pull back a whole panel. 10 rows. When I went to do the wavy section again, my stitch count was off and I couldn't get the 37 waves in. It was no fun taking the rows out. Most of the stuff I work on I can stitch up quickly. If you have been watching my blog, you know this one is slow going. Mostly because I made up this pattern and there is no way to fudge it if the stitches are off. So here it is, correctly counted and stitched...
So those are my One-A-Day projects. When I went to Carole's blog this morning, I saw that she is also working on the Blanket Statement from Debbie Stoller and Attic24. I am doing two of them also. I have only started the one, I am waiting for my yarn for the other. Here is my progress on that.
The last thing I wanted to talk about was that I got the Liebster Award again. Vintagehomspun nominated me again and I was really surprised. I have had the best time since I started blogging. It has kept me on track and kept me focused. I find that I am finishing all my projects now and don't have a huge pile of UFOs. I have made great friends and gotten some great ideas from all the blogs I read. Vintagehomespun is a really nice blog. Pop over and check it out.
 I had to think really hard to try and decide who I would put up for it this time. One was obvious to me. I would have nominated it last time, but thought you had to have under 100 followers. When you get this award the idea is to pass it on to 5 blogs that have less than 200 followers, mention and link the blog that gave it to you and help your fellow small blogs find a  bigger audience. So, here are my choices this time...
1. A World of Imagination. I love Deb's blog. I thought she had too many followers the first time around. She is an artist. She crochets really pretty things, but she makes fantastic cards.
2. The Craft Giraffe. Awesome ideas here. I really enjoy reading this one.
3.Teresa Kasner. I think Teresa gets a lot of awards. She is a really neat lady. So busy and so creative. Teresa was another one that I thought had too many followers the first time.
4. Little Things Made With Love. I really like the colors and patterns Barbina uses. You will like this one if you don't know about it already.
5.My House in Africa. I just discovered this blog about a week ago. She is half a world away from me, but I really can relate to her.
Stop by and see these blogs. They make me happy every time they post.
  I am going to do my best to post tomorrow. I have a few other things I want to share, but have gone on long enough today. Tuesday seems to be blog day and I love reading everyone's posts. Talk to you all soon.:)

P.S. I almost forgot. My giveaway is still open, if interested leave a comment on my last post and I will pick a winner on Thursday. 


  1. Wow Kashi, thanks so much for nominating me, that means alot to me :)

    The grandala blanket is beautiful. Its so close to being finished, i'd say your excited to get it finished. I love the multi stitch blanket. Its going to be stunning when its finished.

    I must check out the CAL's. You know me I just love the granny squares so I don't think I can resist the temptation to join the We love Lucy group. I love the idea of putting different size granny squares together, the effect is beautiful.

  2. I'm new to reading your blog so I'm just now seeing your multi-stitch blanket for the first time and it's fantastic! You seem to be like me, lots of blankets and motifs going :-P And that Grandala blanket looks so large and comfy!

  3. You have lots of lovely projects on the go, everyone is taking a shine to attic24s blanket :)

  4. The grandala blanket really is coming along - you are making such great progress.

    I love your multi-stitch blanket. The colors go so well together and each strip is wonderful.

  5. Your Grandala blanket looks fab, and the multi stitch is just gorgeous. How frustrating you had to frog all those rows. Thank you so much for my award, I'm truly honored and what a lovely compliment you have given me, thank you again.xxx

  6. I know what you mean about blogging I also now seem to have less finished objects and have made some wonderful cyber friends. Your blanket is looking wonderful I love the multi stitch blanket too. xx

  7. Wow, I love the multi stitch blanket and your Debbie Stoller blanket looks good - you've picked lovely colours :)

  8. Thank you soo much Kashi! Your nomination means a lot to me! You have made me so happy! :)
    Your grandala blanket looks amazing! And your Multi-stich blanket is so gorgeous, I had the same problem with my blanket too. Two times I had to pull back a lot of rows, because I ended up with more stiches than in the beginning, it is very tricky, but so worth it.
    And your last blanket nearly knocked me out of my shoes, it is so wonderful. If I would have enough yarn in my stash, I would join your CAL right away. I´m so in love with it!
    Have a great day Kashi!

  9. Kashi, thank you so so much for nominating me for a Liebster Blog Award - I'm thrilled and you've made my day!!! I love your blankets especially the multi-stitch one! Am just about to embark on the Wool Eater CAL going on at Sarah London's blog so pop over and hear me curse....!!! Many thanks again. lol x

  10. All your blankets look fantastic! And thanks for pointing other readers to my blog - that's really sweet of you, Judy xx

  11. Your blanket looks gorgeous! I have yet to finish a blanket to date... I get bored so easily and am onto the next project before getting anywhere close to finishing the last one...I am in awe!

    Thank you so much for the encouraging comments you left on my post today. I can't tell you how much it means to know that fellow bloggers enjoy my little space as much as I do their's!

    Thank you for inspiring :)

    Louise xx

  12. Oh how upsetting to have to pull out 10 rows, it breaks your heart at the time. But it is always worth it to make it look right and your multi stitch blanket is so lovely.
    Really love the look of your new blanket, the colours are great. You are so productive making two of these plus your other blankets!! Well done

  13. Yay...Congratualations Kashi! Well deserving bloggy awardee! Your blankets are coming along so well and the Muliti-stitch one you have designed your self looks like so much work is going into it and it is gorgeous! I only just found Laura at 'My House in Africa ' too! Have a good week lovely :)x

  14. Gorgeous blankets, i always love to see the progress you are making! Jxx