Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Tuesday's Tallies

 I have a new One-A-Day project. I finished my Granny Love blanket and we have been sleeping with it on our bed for the last two nights. I love how big it is and how it covers my blanket hog husband and myself on these cold January nights.
 I finished it on Sunday morning and decided to make the blanket that Autumn designed my new One-A-Day project. I had to order a few skeins of yarn to get enough and it should be here tomorrow. I started the blanket already though. I am going to stick to her design. At first I was trying to tell her it would look better if the colors were random and that we should use more colors. Then I stopped myself. She designed it and I promised I would make it for her. Here is what I have made so far...

This one will not be bed sized. She has several of those already. I like making blankets. I think this will be a throw for snuggling up on the couch.
 I am really happy that Fiona has taken over hosting the link party for the One-A-Day group. I was afraid it was gone forever. Thank you Fiona. She also has a lovely blog that you should pop over and read.
 I also made a hat yesterday for Autumn. I moderate a group, Everything Zen, on Ravelry and we are making several hats for our January CALs. Mine turned out very different than the pattern, but I used a larger hook and dk wt. yarn instead of fingerling.

With this yarn you can't even see the design. Oh well. I will talk to everyone soon. I have a lot of projects coming up that I will share soon. :)

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Granny Love Ta Dah!

 I am having a very happy weekend. Our weather is typical winter in Iowa. Cold, dreary and a bit of snow last night. Perfect. I love winter. Not many people say that. I love a cold, dark and snowy afternoon to sit and work on a project. Autumn was working on a project too.
 As I was sewing up the last of the ends on this huge blanket, 2028 ends if you want to know, Autumn asked me if she could use my graph paper and colored pens. Sure. She came up with this all on her own and asked if I would make it for her. Umm, of course I will.
She colored in a patchwork blanket that she wants me to crochet. She wrote all that on the page too. I didn't know she even knew what Ravelry was. Kids pay a lot more attention than we give them credit for. I was so happy that she came up with this. I have been wanting to make one of the granny patchwork blankets that I have been admiring and now I have a reason to. I even have the yarn. When the stores around here discontinued one of my favorite yarns, I bought all of it that I could find. It is Debbie Stoller's Stitch Nation Bamboo Ewe. 
This is my new project that I will start today. I have a sweater I want to make for myself but, I am a sucker for making things when someone asks me to. I can't resist.
 Now for the big reveal. Last summer my friend, Tracy, and I decided to make granny square blankets. She has had an amazingly busy year, watching her granddaughter and welcoming her new grandson in to the world. I don't think she had time to make herself the blanket. She had baby things to make. Lots of baby things. Did I mention both babies are under 2 years old. Tracy is a really neat lady and I got to know her through a swap on Ravelry. I started the blanket and got about half done and decided I didn't want one edged in cream. Ha ha, I also decided that I didn't want all the squares to be the same size. Since I was making this for my bed, I was allowed to change my mind. I have not shown any photos of it since I changed the plans for it. Here it is...

I love my new blanket. It is 6 and a half feet wide and 7 and a half feet long. Perfect for our queen size bed. I will get a shot of it on the bed after my husband wakes up. Don't think he wants me in there taking pictures right now. Lol. 234 squares. 216 small squares and 18 large squares. I hope everyone enjoys the rest of their Sunday. Talk to you soon. :)