Sunday, April 7, 2013

Patchwork Progress

Where have I been? This has been such a busy year compared to last year. My daughter is in swimming lessons in the evenings, she has homework this year and then we are all still getting used to the wonderful fact that my husband is now home every night,( he had been on the evening shift since we got married). I have also  been utterly consumed with working on my Patchwork Blanket.  I usually have 3-4 projects on the go at the same time. When I started this I found that I didn't want to work on anything else. I made 621 squares, which I finished last Sunday. I started to join them that evening.
I am using the join as you go method, even though I made the squares already. I just pull back the sides I need to join. I know that sounds crazy, but it helped me to be able to make squares anywhere I went. It also helped with square placement. I used all scraps and leftovers for this and wasn't sure how much of each color I would have of the completed squares. The project isn't portable anymore. I am almost half way there.
Yes, it is finally warm enough for bare feet and a dress, at least for me. It is supposed to reach 62 F today. I am so glad spring has finally decided to come to this part of the world. Back to the blanket, I have 13 more rows of 27 squares to join. Then I will border it. My friend, Tracy, is sending me some more Meadow (Stylecraft). I don't know what I will do for the border yet, but it will be in Meadow. This blanket will be all mine. My husband has a couch blanket, my daughter has a couple of couch blankets and I have none. I wasn't sure what this was going to look like until I started joining and I am really happy with it and can't wait to finish it. I miss regular blogging and I know that things will settle down soon and I will get back to it. I am still reading everyone else's blogs though. I will post the Ta Da of this very soon, hopefully this week. Talk to everyone soon. :)