Friday, December 2, 2011

A Little Ta Dah

  How is everyone today? It is the 3 month anniversary of my blog. I still have a lot to learn and pretty soon I need to re-format everything on the page, but so far so good. I love the response I have gotten from everyone and I have made some new friends out there in cyberland. Blogging has really helped me get more organized and to finish up the projects I start. That is a really good thing. My stash is shrinking and my WIP pile is almost gone. Another good thing since I love starting new projects.
  This week the weather is starting to turn. We have had such a strange year with the weather. Last winter was really cold. We had a few weeks of below zero (farenheit) and then our normal hot and humid summer. September was really cold. Then October and November were relatively mild. Not sure what we are in for this winter. I might get in trouble for saying this but I love the snow and am waiting for it to come.
  As I said, it is starting to get cold. On the days leading to Black Friday I kept seeing a scarf on the ads for Kohl's department store. I loved it and looked online to try to see a better picture of it. They didn't have it featured anywhere on the stores sits. The woman in the ad was wearing it and dancing around. Every time the ad came on I would see it and want it. I went in the store for a closer look and they didn't have it. Believe me, I don't like going to department stores, so you know I really wanted this scarf. What's a crafty girl to do? I made one from my memory of what I saw. I got this yarn at Hobby Lobby, where else. I spend way to much time in that place. They have a few lines of yarn and this one is Yarn Bee,  the color is Lovely.
It is so soft and so warm. I made the scarf really long. The woman in the ad has it draped around her neck a few times..
Please pardon the picture. I could see my reflection in the mirror while I was taking this and I kept laughing. It is four in the morning and I am the only one awake and here I am taking pictures of myself with bed head and my jammies.  I love my scarf though.
Lucy from Attic24 says some colors are your soul colors. They are the ones you naturally go to. Well, green and purple are mine, my sister's, my brother's and my Dad's. I love pink too, I really do, but green and purple together have always been my favorites. When I was in my early 20's all three of us kids lived with my Dad. A friend of my sister asked us if those were our family colors. I always thought that was funny. So, do you like my scarf? I love it. It was easy peasy to make. I chained until it was long enough. Then I did one row of hdc, one row of sc, one row hdc, one row sc. Then 3 rows dc, one row sc, one row dc, one sc. Three more rows of dc. Then one row sc, one row hdc, one row sc and the last row hdc. No counting. Very simple and I have gotten comments on it in every place I went yesterday.
  Now for some more yarn love. I came home Wednesday night and there was a parcel waiting. From England. What could it be? Autumn knows me so well, she said "Mommy, I think you got some yarn in the mail". I have never gotten yarn in the mail before so that made me laugh. She was right. Deramores sent me my Lucy Pack, or Attic24 Pack.Whatever you want to call it, I love the yarn. I am making myself finish the Christmas stuff before I do anything with it. For now I get to look at it and admire it. Here is my pack of 17 balls of Stylecraft dk yarn.
I have never bought yarn before without a project in mind, so this is kind of fun. Choose a project to fit the yarn.
My husband must think I am daft, but he lovingly puts up with me. At least I am creative, lol. Well, I have been up for 3 hours now and I have done nothing but mess around on the computer and take pictures. I downloaded the program for our new camera though and that took over an hour.
   I am almost done with another cardigan and will post tomorrow or the next day with photos. Happy Friday everyone.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Tuesday' Tallies and a Big TA DAH!

  How is everyone tonight? My camera finally took it's last photo tonight. I am going to have to go get a new one this week. How can you blog without a camera? I have tried to get the pictures from my phone out on my email and into my photo gallery, but it just won't work. My husband couldn't figure it out either. We have gotten the photos from email and into the photo gallery before, but things are just haywire around here right now.
  The first thing I got accomplished today was to send my swap package off to the UK. I am in the We Love Lucy group on ravelry and I signed up for the Christmas swap. This is my first swap and I have been so excited. I can't wait until my new friend Tracy gets her package.
The package left Iowa today and should be in Somerset, England by the end of next week. Yea!.
I have also been busy working on my One-A-Day, hosted by Gingerbreadgirl. Also on Ravelry. What would I do without Ravelry? I love it. Well, my camera is not working at all now. I couldn't get any photos of the Grandala blanket. It is about half-way done. I have all the squares finished and now need to sew the rest of it together. I will post pictures very soon.
  I did finish my favorite project ever though. Are you ready? Here it was yesterday...
 And now for the big reveal... Drum roll please....

I can't wait to start the next blanket. Do you think I am an addict? Most likely, but I have been dreaming about the next blanket for a few days. I am going to go get a camera tomorrow or the next day. I have another ta dah for later this week. Talk to everyone soon. :)
 P.S. Go check out Gingerbreadgirl's blog. She links all the Tuesday's Tallies. There are some gorgeous projects going on over there.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Ta Dah!

  Thanksgiving weekend is just about over. It was so nice here on Thursday and Friday. It started to get cold yesterday and today was very dark and cold. No snow yet. It was the perfect morning to sit with my crochet and finish up one of the projects that have to be done before the end of the coming week. I have to get this and it's partner in the mail by Friday.

 I still have to finish the blue one I am working on. The light is bad, but I thought the jacket turned out pretty cute.
  Autumn had another party to go to this afternoon. This morning was nice and relaxing though. We both sat on the couch, me with my crochet and she with a weaving kit she got for her birthday. We didn't even bother to get dressed.
 She has started her own stash, I love it.
 I found an old project that I started last summer and it got stuck under the couch somehow.
This is the bottom of a bag that is going to be felted. I made a few bags last summer and felted them. I gave them all away and it was before I blogged so I didn't take any photos. This one is for me and I love the pattern. It is fair isle and will look neat when done. Well, my camera is dying and my computer is having issues.  I had better not press my luck. I will see everyone on Tuesday's Tallies.