Sunday, November 27, 2011

Ta Dah!

  Thanksgiving weekend is just about over. It was so nice here on Thursday and Friday. It started to get cold yesterday and today was very dark and cold. No snow yet. It was the perfect morning to sit with my crochet and finish up one of the projects that have to be done before the end of the coming week. I have to get this and it's partner in the mail by Friday.

 I still have to finish the blue one I am working on. The light is bad, but I thought the jacket turned out pretty cute.
  Autumn had another party to go to this afternoon. This morning was nice and relaxing though. We both sat on the couch, me with my crochet and she with a weaving kit she got for her birthday. We didn't even bother to get dressed.
 She has started her own stash, I love it.
 I found an old project that I started last summer and it got stuck under the couch somehow.
This is the bottom of a bag that is going to be felted. I made a few bags last summer and felted them. I gave them all away and it was before I blogged so I didn't take any photos. This one is for me and I love the pattern. It is fair isle and will look neat when done. Well, my camera is dying and my computer is having issues.  I had better not press my luck. I will see everyone on Tuesday's Tallies.


  1. I love it all Kashi! So glad little Autumn is enjoying her b-day present. The sweater turned out so cute. I cannot wait to see the other one. I am also anticipating the completion of this bag!

  2. I love the cute jacket and it sounded like a perfect Sunday morning to

  3. glad to hear who will be the receiver of your ripple blanket and to keep it in the family, really generous of you. Looking forward to seeing your finished bag

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  5. Love the jacket, what a nice stripe in it. It's lovel when your kids take an interest in crafty things isn't it, it's great for people to b creative, especially kids.

    Hope your computer is sorted soon!

  6. Gorgeous sweater. The bag looks like its going to be lovely too. And of course I adore the picture of Autumn all snuggled up with her own stash. Too precious! :-) xoxox

  7. Lovely sweater.

    And your little precious is divine working her weaving. Too cute!!!