Friday, November 25, 2011

Kashi's Corner

Hello everyone,
 I don't participate in Black Friday, way too many crowds. If you are brave enough to be out there, Good Luck and Happy Shopping! The news was crazy this morning, one shooting in California. People waiting to get in to Walmart. Not me. I prefer to hang out in Kashi's Corner.
  We used to live in a great big house and I had my own room for storing all of my crafty pursuits. We knew I was going to have my knees (at the time we thought I would do both at the same time) replaced and I wouldn't be able to maintain the house. Or get up the stairs. Or fit in the bathroom with the walker. I could go on. We also knew I wouldn't be working for an extended period of time and would have to watch our expenses. I ended up staying home for four months and now am only able to work part-time. Eventually I can go back full-time, but I did have to leave a job that I dearly loved because I can't stay on my feet for long periods of time.  So we packed up and moved to our tiny little home. I do really like it here, but I really miss the space we had at the old house. This is Kashi's Corner...
  I took over this corner of our living room when we first moved in. Here is a closer look at what I have packed in here, and I can honestly say it has gotten a lot better since I started the yarn diet. I won't let myself start anything new until the WIP's are done. Except for things people pay me to make.
   My Grandala blanket, almost done...
  The Christmas present that may not get finished in time...
  The Happy Ripple, which will be done in time for gifting...
  This gorgeous needlepoint that I got for my birthday (last year). I wouldn't let myself start it because I had so many projects in the works. It is "The Lady and the Unicorn". I love it and do want to work on it. It is 3ft. by 4ft. though. I may not finish it until I am 60. Maybe I can do it as a One-A-Day. It is yarn after all.
  Two sweaters I am working on for my friend's twin nephews. Isn't the bucket great? I got it for Christmas last year.
  It holds 6 skeins at once and they won't tangle. Great for multi-colored projects.  This is not the only area I have taken over. The dining area wall is all mine too...
 When we finally move out of here I might have to change my blog name to Kashi's Crochet or something, lol. For now this is it. Kashi's Corner. I hope you all enjoy stopping by. I love having all the visitors I have gotten since I started blogging in September. The comments have all been so kind and encouraging. If you are here in the States, I hope you have a great Thanksgiving weekend. If you are elsewhere in the world (most of my readers are) then I hope you have a fantastic weekend. See you all soon.
P.S. I am doing really well, I used to have so much stash that it was stacked about 3 ft. up in the corner where I sit. I am trying to concentrate on only two or three things at a time and I think I may get there soon.


  1. Thanks for sharing a bit of Kashi's corner, love all your WIP especially the ripple blanket the colours are gorgeous. Have a good

  2. So much woolly loveliness in one post! Love your needlework! And the bucket is a fabulous idea!

  3. I love your little corner! Everytime I come over it makes me feel welcome to craft! Home is where the yarn is!