Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Tuesday's Tallies

  Here we are again. It is really fun looking at everyone's Tallies right now. The projects are getting really big, some are done, and some are taking One-A-Day breaks to make Christmas stuff. If you want to see everyone's work then head over to Gingerbreadgirl's blog. She is the moderator for the One-A-Day group and she has a nice blog too.
   I am still plugging away on my two projects. I am working on a whole lot of presents right now too, I have finished three, but still have a few to go. I am also out of the lavender yarn that I need for my Grandala squares. So here is what I have made this week...
  I also put in some work on the Happy Ripple...
This is getting really hard to photograph. To put it in perspective, our couch is over 6 ft. long...
  I love this blanket so much, one more picture...
  I love both of these blankets so much, the Grandala is going on our bed. It is so close to being done. I have 230 squares done. Need 58 more. Not too bad. Maybe before Christmas, but probably right after.  Here is my shocker though. I love the Happy Ripple, really love it. I have decided to give it away as a Christmas present. It will be done this week I think. My husband helped me decide. I will tell everyone who I gave it to after the holidays. I love it, but I have an idea for another blanket and I have 5 blankets here in the house already.  It will be hard to part with though.
  Well, that's it for today. I am going to go look at everyone's blogs now. Talk to everyone soon.


  1. Hi!
    Beautiful little circles. Love the colors you've used. Your Happy Ripple is awesome! Someone is going to be so happy when they receive it. Have a great day!

    Food for Thought

  2. Wow, your ripple is lovely (as is your grandala square), they are such happy looking projects. Well done for being generous enough to give that beautiful ripple away, the recipient must be pretty special!

  3. give away your ripple blanket !!!!!!
    do they deserve it, will they look after it ,
    will they apreciate all the hardwork it has taken
    goodness me are you sure LOL
    joking apart you have done some great work and i love visiting your blog for updates

  4. Your happy ripple is enormous!! You are very generous giving it away, I always want to keep my finished objects. At least it gives you an excuse to start another one, you can never have enough blankets!!!

  5. Oh wow what a lucky person who receives that amazing giant blanket. I hope they appreciate it for how wonderful it is and how much work it takes. It's just so beautiful, once again you amaze me by how much crochet you get done I so wish I too could get up early but alas I like need my sleep. xx

  6. Lucky person who gets the happy ripple....it's beautiful and how exciting it's nearly done. I love new blankets, but giving them away is better when someone loves it so much, I reckon it's one of the nicest gifts you can give, so much love gone into making it. Your grandala blanket looks great to, and again not far from th end.

  7. Give it away??!! Oh my goodness you must love someone very much or have a very deserving friend...what a truly lovely gift...can't wait to see who you give it to :)x

  8. You are all so nice. I will say that the person who is going to get it is in our family and is someone who has spent her whole life looking after all the others in her life. I know she will love it and take care of it and she deserves it. I am kind of excited to see the reaction when it is opened at Christmas.

  9. Wow Im always blown away by how much progress you make, you must be super fast- they both look great!

  10. Love the circles, the colours are so different. The ripple blanket is beautiful, you are so generous to give it away.

  11. Your ripple blanket is amazing! It's a lucky person who will receive it. And I'm looking forward to seeing the other one finished too, Judy x