Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sunday Sunday

Hello everyone,
  I can't believe Thanksgiving is this week. I don't have any idea where the year went. I know I spent the entire summer couped up here in the house recovering from that knee replacement, but here we are about to start the holidays. Yikes. I have been busy making all kinds of goodies and I can't wait until I can actually show them to all of you. I joined my first swap over on Ravelry and it is with the We Love Lucy group. I am really excited about this and have already finished my present for my new friend Tracy. I had an idea of what I might make and then we got our information about each other this week and have been exchanging emails and I went shopping yesterday. Yea! I made the main part of her gift over the last three days and I hope she likes it. My husband saw it and liked it, that made me feel a bit less nervous.
  My daughter has had a really rough week. On Monday she had to have a tooth pulled and that was no fun. Tuesday she seemed OK until the afternoon and evening. She started getting really cranky and kept crying for no reason. Wednesday she woke up with a sore throat, left eye swollen and mattery, and her face was a little swollen. My regular dentist was still out of town so I made an appointment with our family doctor and my husband took her in. She had developed an infection, the other dentist said it couldn't be because of the tooth she had pulled. My doctor said otherwise and put her on antibiotics. I don't know why the dentist said it couldn't be from the tooth. Even I know that with an abscess there can be infection in your body as well. She is doing better now and we have follow up appointments with our regular dentist and she will be fitted with a spacer since the new tooth won't grow in until she is 9 or 10.  Poor thing. I really don't know how the poor baby came up with teeth like this. In April at her check up she was fine. In September we were told she had 3 cavities and would have to have root canals and all that.
   My daughter has been invited to another birthday party next weekend so this morning I made a scarf and hat for her friend.
  I started by making these squares for a granny scarf...My daughter said it was ugly and didn't like it. I liked it but made something else anyway...
 The hat was easy peasy and took 20 minutes to make. Truly..
  The scarf took a little over an hour and a half, but I spent the morning at the laundry mat so it was the perfect project to kill time...Here it is..
  And on my favorite model...
  I think her face is still swollen, she looks a little puffy to me. These are super easy to make and really warm. If anyone is interested in the pattern then leave me comment and I will post it. I made the hat up as I went along, I did write it down when Autumn said she thought it was cute.
   I am really ready for some down time. Will has to work Thanksgiving Day so Autumn and I are just going to hang around the house. We will have a Thanksgiving dinner on Saturday for the three of us here at home. I wish my Mom could come for the holidays, but she is participating in a half-marathon the first week of December and has to get ready for that. Flying up here and being away from home would probably not work with her training schedule. I am proud of her though. I can't even walk a mile right now and she is doing a half-marathon. Well, this was a long post. I had better leave everyone to enjoy the rest of Sunday. I will see everyone on Tuesday for Tuesday's Tallies.
  I wanted to thank everyone for their very kind comments and for my new followers. I still have a hard time believing anyone is interested in what I have going on. :)


  1. Oh poor little love. :-( I also tend to get infections whenever the dentist tries to pull my teeth. It turns out that my molars are pretty much welded to my skull so after suffering through dentists twice in such a manner they finally worked out I had to see a dental surgeon when teeth need removing. Far less painful, let me tell you.

    I have never heard of a child so young having root canal though. Does she already have her adult teeth? This had me curious and reading some info about what happens to the milk teeth roots. They are actually absorbed by the new adult teeth that come through which have their own roots. Rather interesting stuff.

    The hat and scarf are very pretty. I liked the first one too!

  2. Poor little thing, I'm glad that she's getting better and doesn't she look adorable in your lovely creations!

  3. Thank you for the nice comments. Autumn is feeling better now. I had never heard of baby teeth having root canal either. I think it is called a pulpectomy or pulpotomy. When they first told me she needed it done I was flabbergasted. The whole thing has been a nightmare. She is getting better and today she feels good so we are all happy here. :)