Sunday, January 20, 2013

Ripple Scarf

 It is very cold here. It was almost 50 F/10 C yesterday and today it is 9 F/ -13 C. I think that is crazy. I am wearing my new scarf today. I finished it on Friday, my friend, Heather, gave me the yarn for Christmas. Here it is...

Don't mind me, no make up and just out of the shower but, I wanted to post this before anyone woke up and I had to get busy. We had the family over yesterday for a late Christmas yesterday. Today we have to go down to see all of them to talk about what to do with all of Will's parents things. They are both gone now and we have to figure out the house. Not much fun but we have to do it. Autumn is up now and Will is getting up. I have feed them and then we will be on our way. I will talk to everyone in a couple of days. :)