Saturday, September 15, 2012

What I Have Been Doing Lately

 I know I haven't been blogging lately. September is really busy for us. School is in full swing now and there are birthdays all over the calendar this month. I have been crocheting like mad though. I made my Mom's present ( Mom stop reading now because I am going to show your gift at the end). A present for a baby in the nursery at work, she turned one on Friday, and I am also working on a pair of socks that I should get finished today. Then this morning I got up and made a birthday cake for our birthday party today.
 One of my nephews shares a birthday with me and we usually all get together for a family party. He loves carrot cake and I do too. So that is what we are having. Lol. I don't think anyone else likes it that much. Too bad, when you are making your own birthday cake, you get to make whatever you want. Ha. I think the last time anyone made or got me a cake was when I was 35 or 36 and my sister made one for me. I was out in California recovering from back surgery and I got to spend a couple of weeks with my sister and her kids. I hadn't met my husband yet and she still only had three children. Now her oldest is grown and living on his own and she has a fourth child who is 7. I also now have a husband and a daughter that will be 7 in November. Time really flies. It doesn't seem like that long ago. I will stop rambling and show some photos.
Here is the present I made for Thea, she is really cute and one of her first words was kitty. My nursery partner, Ashleigh, and I spent last Sunday celebrating our birthdays (she just had one too) and we found a cute little hoodie that had a kitty on it. We got it for her and we decided I should make her a little kitty to go with it. I forgot to take a photo of the hoodie, but here is the kitty.
Autumn wants one now too. I have to start writing down all my patterns. I figured this one out as I went and now a couple of people want one. Wasn't hard though. Here is the back.
This is Thea with her kitty. When she opened the bag and saw it she did say kitty. It was so cute.
                                         Happy First Birthday Thea!!!
I help moderate a group on Ravelry called Everything Zen. We do CAL/KAL projects together. If you are not a crocheter or knitter CALs are crochet alongs and KALs are knit alongs. We choose projects and work on them at the same time. It is a lot of fun and really neat to see how the same pattern can be so different when color and yarn choices are made. One of our members picked out a crochet sock pattern and I am almost done with mine. Here is where I am.
The heel will go where the split is. I love these. I want to make lots of these now. I already have some ideas for a pattern of my own. These are a pattern from Patons Yarn. The only difference from the pattern is that I am doing an after thought heel. I couldn't quite get it from the pattern and neither could the other person making them. You add the after thought when done with the rest of the sock. A lot easier to figure out I thought. I will show these when done. I think I will try to show how to do the after thought also. I couldn't find what I wanted for a tutorial so I figured it out on my own.
 Last but not least, I made a blanket for my Mom. Her birthday was on the 10th. Yes, the present is late. I had another pattern in mind and started it a long time ago. It wasn't coming out at all like I wanted it to, so I frogged it and started this one on the 2nd. I finished on my birthday, the 12th. I think it was the fastest full size blanket I have ever made. Here it is.
The good old ripple. One of my favorite blanket patterns. This was Lucy's Neat Ripple and her interlocking color idea. I used Homespun yarn. It is a very warm and very soft blanket. It is also very big. My Mom will definitely be able to wrap herself up in it. It is hot in Texas right now, but she just moved into a new house and winter will come soon enough. I can't wait for it to get to her. Happy Birthday Mom.