Sunday, November 3, 2013

October's Projects

Hello everyone,
 Here we are in November already. I love fall. I love the way everything looks and how the holidays are just around the corner. I can't believe we are coming up to the end of 2013 soon. I have been busy this year. I feel like we spend our afternoons running around trying to keep up with everything. Autumn is in swimming lessons on Mondays and Wednesdays. She also joined Brownies this year and I am helping with the troop. I enjoy it though. Autumn is growing up fast and I don't want to miss a minute of it. With everything going on, I haven't felt like I have gotten much crafting done, then I looked back on the month and realized that I had actually made a few things.
 The first was a pot holder. More of a trivet really, you would burn yourself if you picked up a hot pot.
I made this for the Everything Zen group that I am a part of on Ravelry. It is from this pattern.
I also made some Elf Slippers. I didn't like this pattern at all. It was part of our Elf Slipper CAL.
I have two little girls in the nursery at work that both turned one. I made each of them hats.

If anyone is interested, let me know and I will write up the patterns.
I made a cowl from this pattern

I also made a hooded cowl for a Christmas present. I really like this pattern

Last, but not least, I knitted a scarf. I am really proud of this one. I don't like how knit things roll up when you make a project with the stockinette stitch, so one Sunday I sat and browsed through Ravelry and tried several stitch patterns before coming up with this. I cast on 33. Then I k1, p1 across, ending with k1.  On the other side I did the opposite. p1, k1 across.. I love how it turned out. I gave it to Autumn. We showed to my boss/friend Heather and she loved it. How sweet is my daughter? She gave it to her.

It is ribbed, but doesn't really look ribbed until you pull it apart. I think I need to make a hat to match and work on my knitting skills. I am loving knitting. Switching to the Continental method made all difference for me. I really want to make something other than a scarf and a hat may be the ticket.
 I hope you are all enjoying the weekend. I will talk to everyone soon. :)