Thursday, September 29, 2011

Husband's Blanket

I am so happy to say that I finished my husband's afghan today. Yea! I have been working on it forever. I started it before the summer and then it was just too hot to work on. He has been patient, I know he was wondering if I gave up on it.  This morning I had to take Autumn in for the last appointment in a series of dental visits. We got home and she was so tired. I had two rows left to do on the blanket and I had to get up to do something, don't remember what. I came back in the room and this is what I saw.

I just thought this was too cute. The hook and yarn were still attached. You can't quite see them in the photo. She was tired and cold and got under the blanket. Here it is all finished.
I go more for the purples and greens and blues and pinks. My husband loves these colors though and other than the hat I made him last winter and the scarf I am working on now for him (the scarf is my last wip) I haven't made him anything else. I have made hundreds of things, but what do you crochet for a man?

My newest project is going to be another blanket. I may add another darker purple and another darker green, but these are the colors I have for it. The darkest purple is from the sweater I frogged. I have tons of it left and love the color.

The blanket is going to be made up of rows of different patterns, but it will follow a sequence. I haven't quite decided on all the stitches yet and I am having loads of fun looking at what will go with what I have already decided on. I am thinking maybe 3 or 4 different patterns that will repeat in different rows. I am also going to write the pattern down before and as I go so when I post it people will be able to follow it easily if they want to.
I also want to thank everyone for their nice comments on my last posts. I haven't been able to email all of you back to respond. For some reason only a few of my responses have gone through. I do appreciate everyone for stopping by and posting comments. Talk to you all soon.

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  1. Awww she looks very adorable all snuggled under the blanket, and its looking wonderfully stripey! Can't wait to see your different rows! it will be interesting to see :)