Sunday, October 16, 2011


 Hope everyone is doing well. I have started a new blanket. I don't really know why. Lucy and Heather are doing a Ripple Along and I thought about it for a couple of days and then joined. I didn't want to go buy a bunch of new yarn (well, I wanted to but that wouldn't have been responsible). I went through my stash and only ended up buying two balls of yarn. I may need a couple of more but maybe not. Here is what I came up with.
I bought the dark purple and the huge ball of rose. I think this will look good. I am thinking of adding honey colored yarn that I have to it also. Not sure yet. It will be bed size, I am following Lucy's pattern, except I am using worsted wt. yarn and an I hook. It will be pretty big.
I finished up Autumn's little dolly blanket too...
Then I worked on the Christmas Blanket...
I am getting ready to spend a little time on this one right now. Just have to decide which stitches I am going with next.
Autumn and her Dad went out to the lake and took a few photos... I don't know what kind of birds these are, but they look kind of spooky..

Most of the leaves have already turned and are blowing off. It was so cold in September and so hot at the beginning of October, but it is still pretty outside...
I have also made great progress on my One-A-Day blanket, I will save that for Tuesday's Tallies. I aim to be on time with that post this week. I hope everyone has a great weekend. See you Tuesday.

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  1. Gorgeous pictures! And I am really loving your Christmas blanket, its going to be beautiful!