Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Tuesday's Tallies on Wednesday

I am a day late for my Tuesday tally. I started working again last week and I have to admit I am a little tired. I did make 16 squares and 19 disks for my One-A-Day blanket this week.
The blanket is really coming along. I have enough of it done that it has to be folded to put it away. I am working on the squares by the outer disk color now. I have teal and pink done, and some of the multi-colored ones finished. This is just a short update.  I have to work at 7 everyday this week, but go to part-time next week. So I had better get going and get ready for my day. I will post again tomorrow or Friday. See you all soon.


  1. You sound very busy but are making such lovely progress on your work. It's really coming together beautifully and the colours are really pretty.

  2. Wow! You certainly have made some progress this week! Looking good lovely! xox

  3. Wow, your blanket has grown a lot and is so beautiful!
    Have a wonderful week! Barbina

  4. Looking good, you've made great progress this week. I don't think you've realized but you've won my give away. I need your details so if you can email me.

  5. Looks great, such pretty colours, it is going to look gorgeous finished. Thanks for all the lovely comments you have left recently on my blog, nice to meet you! :)jules