Wednesday, April 11, 2012


This week is flying by. We had a nice Easter here, just the three of us. The Easter Bunny came. Lots of chocolate was eaten. It was a really nice weekend.
 I have gotten a lot done on my Stylin Ripple. I have a couple more rows and I will be at the halfway mark. I think I like the color combo now. I have changed my mind too many times with this blanket.
I have also been working on a bag with Everything Zen group on Ravelry. It has a wheel motif and I had gotten a few rows done when it occurred to me that I should be turning at the ends of the rows.
I went back and started the rows over and I don't see too much difference.
Before I turned at the end of the rows, the wheels looked a little off and were more open  on one side. I am happy I did it over, but some of the wheels are open on the sides. I am making the straps for the handle right now.
 I am still practicing my knitting for an upcoming KAL/CAL with Everything Zen. I have never done a combo project. We start on April 16. The yarn is sock yarn and the knitting needles are 2.25, I think, and the crochet hook is a C hook. Really small. I will have to show my work as I go on that one. It might be funny. I will talk to everyone soon. Have a great week.


  1. Loving the ripple blanket, wish I had the patience for something so big. That said my freeform project seemed to be turning blanket size. LOL I have put that away for now as it was driving me insane.

    The bag is looking fabulous and I can see the difference in the wheels even if you cannot. MIne definitely has more of a pac-man effect as someone called it on our group. lol

    The needles should be 2.5 mm but make sure you check your tension first. I used 4 different yarns and needed to go up a hook for one of them to get the right size. Even with the two sock yarns one is slightly smaller. I am using the 2.5 hook now as it works well with the Noro but yes it is a little fiddly. I have never knitted with such small needles either so its going to be interesting. :-) Can't wait to get started, but trying to be good and actually work on my two sweaters which have been sorely neglected of late.

  2. Wow, you're really crocheting up a storm.. gorgeous things!
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. Love the bag, very cool!! You make blankets so quickly, I do like the colours!

  4. Love that blanket! Your bag looks very hard to do but is lovely. Have a nice weekend!

  5. lovely crochet!

    Good to hear you had a lovely Easter, I managed to get away from work on a lovely break which was so much needed and appreciated!!