Monday, May 28, 2012

Happy Memorial Day!

 I hope everyone is doing well. I haven't been a good blogger lately. End of school year and getting ready to move. I felt like I was stuck in a creative rut and was just working on bigger projects that needed to be finished up. This weekend I have come out of the creative rut. I am obsessed with flowers right now. Lucy made a tutorial for her May Roses and I can't quit making them. I made this headband for Autumn on Thursday.
I liked it so much, and so did Autumn, that I decided to make her one out of crochet. The plastic one kept coming off her head. So yesterday I made her this one.

And here she is, very pleased to be the model.
The aqua flower is from Alice Best and the roses are Lucy's. The rest came from my own brain.
 I also made a bootie for a baby bootie CAL we were having at Everything Zen on Ravelry. I made three different ones and don't like them. This one is too stiff and I don't want to give it to the baby I was making it for.
 I also got a swap package in the mail, I will post that tomorrow. There are a lot of photos.
 I made a dress for Autumn that I will hem tonight and take photos of tomorrow when she wears it to the last day of school. I can't believe my baby is finished with Kindergarten. This year has flown by.
 I made another bag, have to take photos of that, I felted a small little bag for a gift and have also started work on a wreath.

I sat in a pile of cotton this morning happily stitching away. I covered the styrofoam ring already and am about to keep going on the flower addiction. This will go on Autumn's bedroom door in the new house. I am already full of ideas for every room in the place.
 I am off tomorrow and will do a follow up post with more photos.  I hope everyone is having a great weekend. We are here.


  1. Wow you are out of your crafting rut in style!
    Some awesome projects u have made.
    Good luck with the move

  2. You have been busy, love the cute headband, very pretty. Deb xx

  3. Hi there.. now I want a styrofoam ring! I really like Ls wreath. I put up a post today, hope you hop over to visit. LOVE your headband with flowers! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  4. Aaaah, your little one looks beautiful! It sounds like you have been really busy.

  5. What a beautiful headband, can't wait to see the wreath. I do hope you don't move before your parcel turns up from me.
    Sue :)

  6. Love your beautiful headband - and Autumn looks really pretty. I've been mega-busy recently but hoping to catch up in Blogland soon! Hugs, Judy xx

  7. Love the headband. Its gorgeous! I especially love the big smiley picture of Autumn. She is so cute!!! I don't wanna talk about that bootee LOL. I have decided that mine is just not happening anymore. Hope your move goes smoothly. Hugs xoxox

  8. That headband is awesome! It really looks good on April - I bet she was the envy of all her friends. I think the baby bootie looks really cute too, so I'm sure when you get the stiffness right, it'll look really cute on a tiny pair of feet. :) Alice