Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Tuesday's Tallies-Granny Love




 Tuesday again! These squares are saving my sanity right now. We move on Sunday and Monday and right now we are living in utter chaos. Almost over. Every night, before I go to bed, I sit down for a few minutes to wind down from packing. I usually crochet during this time. Here are my results for the week.
There are 20 squares and really nowhere to take a photo. Lol. What a mess.
There will be 360 squares when finished. As I have been packing I have pulled all the worsted wt. yarn I have. It will all go in this blanket, except for browns and blacks.
I measured this on my bed and there will be 18 strips of 20 squares.
One strip down, 17 to go. This blanket will replace the Grandala blanket, I love all the colors together. The only yarn I have purchased for this is the cream for joining. I am using an H hook and joining as I go. With that method it is going a lot faster than the Grandala blanket did. That one took 6 months. I don't think this will take as long. I hope for it to be ready by the time we get cool weather.
 Carole has set up a link for everyone who is participating in One-A-Day. Go check out her blog and see what everyone is working on. Talk to you all soon. :)


  1. Good luck with your house move! I admire you for continuing to crochet in the chaos.

  2. A good way to get your sanity together - I wish I crocheted when we moved from Polokwane to Pretoria to Australia - back to Pretoria - to a new house in Pretoria...would have pulled way less hairs.

  3. I LOVE the join as you go method. I am thinking of you moving, we are moving next weekend so you will be unpacked by then!!

  4. Well done you for still finding time to crochet amidst all your packing. I've hardly done any for over a week as we had visitors and I cut my finger!! Hoping to post soon tho'...
    Hugs, Judy x

  5. You have done a great job Kashi! I hope everything will turn out well with your moving!
    Have a great day! xxxBarbina

  6. Good look with the move I hope it all goes well for you & well done for keeping up with one a day i just don't know how you manage it

  7. Happy moving Kashi. How exciting. The granny squares look great. I am sitting here wishing I could make some too. They are rather addictive aren't they? I must not however, as I need to work on that rather long coat. You would not believe but the Goyso pattern for the scarf I was using has changed so now to see it you have to join their mailing list to view it. ARgghh. I don't want more random junk in my mail and I can't remember how I did some of the steps now matter how hard I stare at it. LOL I think I am going to wait till I come back from my break and attack it again.

  8. I sure hope your move goes smoothly and that you get settled in quickly. We have so much stuff in so many buildings on our farm it would be a major undertaking to move -- we'll have to stay here forever I guess. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)