Sunday, July 1, 2012

Year of Projects


Hello everyone,

 I want to join in on the Year of Projects. I mostly crochet, but it looks like I can join anyway. Almost everyone in the group are knitters.
The projects I want to make this year are:
The Sidewalk Shawl
Tincture of Spring Purse
A cardigan for myself. The pattern is not here on Ravelry, but I will post as I go.
My Granny Love blanket. 360 squares. I have 40 done. I started it two weeks ago.
This blanket for my Mom. Don't click on this link Mom.
My Japanese Flower Scarf. I have 12 flowers done. I need around 45 I think.
I want to finish the blanket that I have been designing as I go. I have been working on it since last September and it has been in hibernation since the holidays. This is supposed to be a gift too. I think that is a good start. Like some of my bloggy friends, I really want to finish up the things I have started before I make a list of new things. Oh, there is one more thing I would like add. I want to start and finish at least one knitted item. I think that will be my main goal. I like knitting, I just haven't gotten as good at it as I am at crochet. I love the versatility of being able to do both. I will really try to post before next weekend. We are turning off all electronics in the morning in order to take them to our new house and cable comes to (hopefully) hook us back up on Tuesday. Talk to everyone soon. :)


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    1. Thanks, I have spent the afternoon cleaning the new place. We are getting ready to start moving things over. :)

  2. I'm glad that a fellow hooker (mainly) is joining me in YOP. I would love to improve my knitting skills but I think it will have to wait until some of this crochet is out of the way. Luckily I am loving my current blanket projects which helps a lot.
    I've been considering the Sidewalk Shawl for a while, it's very pretty. X

    1. I was really happy to see you in the group too. I also want to finish all my WIP's before I really concentrate on perfecting my knitting skills. Talk to you soon. Oh, we are doing a Sidewalk Shawl CAL on the Everything Zen group on Ravelry. Karisma and I are the moderators. :)

  3. Congrats on the YOP.. have fun and I look forward to seeing what you do. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

    1. Thank you Teresa, you always have the most encouraging comments. Talk to you soon. :)

  4. Great List and it doesn't matter if your just a crocheter or knitter or both, the aim is always to encourage with setting out goals and encourage each other to meet them. Love the idea of finishing off your wip's over the year and looking forward to seeing them.

  5. You are gong to be busy (nothing new there!) I live the blanket, can't wait to see how they all turn out! Jx