Thursday, August 2, 2012

Botanical Gardens And A Ta Dah

 How is everyone today? I am glad the weekend is almost here. My husband doesn't have to work and we can all spend a couple of quiet days together.
 I work in the baby room in a daycare and I love it, however once in a while it is nice to have a break and spend the day with the older children. We have a summer program for kids that are Kindergarten age or older. My daughter is part of this group and she has had a great summer. They go on field trips everyday and have done and seen some really neat things this summer.  I have a chauffeur's license and when the director can't drive the children on their field trips I get to go. I have gone on 6 so far and I get to go on one tomorrow too. Yesterday I got to take the kiddos to the Quad Cities Botanical Gardens. No matter that we got lost getting there and coming back. That is another story. It is a really neat place in Rock Island Illinois.
These photos were all taken inside in a 'rain forest'.
This waterfall was one of my favorite things.
Lately I seem to have a thing for turtles. Isn't he cool?
 Remember, this was all indoors.
This was our guide, Gary, he was showing us a banana plant. You can't really see the banana stalk, it is above him and has a purple tip. This place was really cool.
Here are some of our kids feeding the Koi fish. My daughter is on the top left. I took over 40 photos, this is just an idea of what our afternoon was like. We also got to plant flowers and tour the outside gardens. I have to say that I am really proud of the children. It was around 100F and we were in the van for over an hour both ways. Twelve kids, ages ranging four years old to 10 years old and two teachers, (ages 26 and 44, we were well behaved too). Lol. Tomorrow we are going to Lake Macbride to play at the beach. It will be my last field trip for the season. I have been lucky to get to go on the trips and spend those days with my daughter.  Thanks Miss Heather for letting me go and thanks to Miss Siobhan and Miss Rachel helping me have so much fun on these trips.
 Now, you know I have to include some crochet. I finished the bag that I was making for one of the college girls that I work with. Here it is.
Another one.
You can sort of see our new house in the background. Here is another teaser.
I was going to line the bag, but I think it is kind of neat just plain. The body of the bag was made with an unbroken piece of yarn, so there were no ends to sew in except for one on one side of the bag where the strap attached.
 I created this pattern myself and will post it tomorrow or Saturday. Right now it is written on about 10 pieces of scrap paper. I hope you all have a great day tomorrow. Talk to everyone soon. :)


  1. That garden looks lush and wonderful! Love that bag, you're soooo nice to do that! Hugs, Teresa

    1. Hi Teresa, I love making bags for gifts. They don't cost more than a few dollars in supplies, usually I have the cotton already, and I like to show my appreciation to people. I feel like there isn't always enough of that going around. It also makes me feel good to give gifts. Talk to you soon.

  2. It sounds as if you've had a great summer, love your bag, very pretty. Deb xxx

    1. Hi Deb, It has been a pretty good summer. I am ready for some cool weather though. Your birthday week sounded really nice too.

  3. I can see this bag being a big hit! I have the wantsies!

  4. A beautiful walk by the looks, but your bag is awesome! I love it, and I'm impressed only 1 end to sew n... Now that's my kind of project!

  5. What a great day! I can remember, many many years ago, I to work in a daycare but with the older groups, and we took trips like this all the time! Fun times! Your bag is very nice and sure your co-worker will love it!

  6. Looks like you all had a great time!

    Love that bag, I'm sure the lucky recipient will love it too.