Sunday, September 30, 2012


 September is my favorite month. It is the beginning of fall and the leaves start changing. It starts to get a little cooler without being cold yet. There are birthdays every week for my friends and family. I think I was busier this September than ever before. I had a great month.
 I finished the last present for the last birthday party. Autumn wanted me to make another one of these, I made one last March for another friend's birthday.
Looking a little lop-sided, but her friend loved it. We also gave her a Build-A-Bear yourself kit. They are kind of cool. The kids can sew their toy together and stuff it themselves at home. Only $10. for the gift instead of the $40.+ Build-A-Bear gets you for if you go to their stores. The little girl's party was a slumber party. Autumn's first one. Five little girls running around giggling. They live next door and I half expected a call in the middle of the night to tell me Autumn wanted to come home. She stayed and had lots of fun.
 We had the television to ourselves for a change and tried to watch Neil Young's live concert last night. Right in the middle of Powder finger, one of my favorite songs, they broke into the show to say two rap artists were fighting at the BET awards. I was so mad. I don't like rap and I highly doubt the anyone watching Neil Young cared about rappers either. They talked about it for 20 minutes. Argh.
 Today was a perfect Sunday. I got up early, as usual. Made my coffee and snuggled up on the couch for some hooky time. Yesterday Autumn and I went to Hobby Lobby to get her friend a present and I let her pick out some yarn for a hooded pullover that I have been planning on making her. I worked on it this morning and I think it will be done in a few days. It is working up really quickly. Here is what I have from my coffee session on the couch this morning.
It is very bright, but she is six and can get away with it. I actually have the front done too, but for some reason the photo didn't transfer.
 I bought some polar fleece ( at Hobby Lobby) for a blanket for Will's man cave. He plays guitar and I thought he would like this with a border crocheted by me.
Apparently I did a good job picking it out. When I showed it to him he said 'Cool, Stratocasters'. I acted like I knew what they were. Ha ha. I will show the blanket when I get the border on. The last thing I worked on this morning before I had to get up and do chores, is a blanket I am making for one of my nephews for Christmas.
This will be a great big patchwork blanket with five different colors. It is bulky and fast to work with.
 This has been a really nice weekend. Yesterday I met with the trainer at the gym, I joined on Tuesday, and was shown how to use the wt. machines. I can tell you that I am really sore today. Even my fingers hurt. No lie. I have been trying to get back in shape. I started to walk to work about 6 months ago and now we live twice as far, I still walk though. I have never done any wt. training before. Wish me luck. I thought it was pretty hard. I did feel like I really accomplished something when I was done.
 Today I am sore, but I still cleaned the house, made supper and then I made a couple of apple pies. I only make one or two a year, but I love to make them.
As you can see, one of them has already been tasted. Dinner hasn't even been served yet. Lol. I am not the one who ate the pie either. The other pie is for my friend. If my arms weren't sore after yesterday at the gym they are today after making pies. I hope everyone has had a fantastic weekend. I will talk to everyone soon. :)


  1. Goodness me, you much crochet so quickly!!! I love the mouse, I can see why Autumns friend loved it so much.... I love September as well!!! and Autumn in general. Those pies look delish :)
    Sue Xxx

  2. You sure are prolific at your crochet! I just plug along.. :-) Oh, I bet your house smelled good with those pies baking! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. You have been busy!

    Look forward to seeing the man fleece when it has its border on, fab fabric!


  4. lovely projects and fab colours.
    the aching after the gym gets less and less as time goes on and you get used to it.
    lush looking pies too :)

  5. Wow, so many creations in one post. Autumns friends are so lucky, always getting such lovely handmade gifts. You are so clever. Hugs xoxox

  6. You have lots of things on the go, just the way I like it too! It's cool to start doing weight training, a few months ago I bought a set of 6 dumbbells for my hubby, forgetting that I had to carry them back from the shop to the car in a car ark ages away up a steep hill, my arms were shaking for hours afterwards and felt really weird the next day! Never again!

    Yummy apple pies!