Saturday, December 29, 2012

The Christmas Blankets Are Finished

 How is everyone? The last few days have been really nice. Last Saturday was my father-in-law's funeral and that was really hard. The three of us were home on Sunday and we cleaned the house and I finished up the last of the presents I was working on. We stayed home for Christmas and for the first time since we have been married we had guests on Christmas day. Will's sister and brother and a good family friend came up to spend the day with us. It was a really nice day. Autumn was the only child there and so she got to soak up a lot of attention. She was really sweet. The day before, Susie had called and asked if Autumn would be willing to wait to open her Christmas presents until they got there. Autumn said that was fine and would wait to open her gifts from Santa also. I was really proud of her. I wouldn't have wanted to wait until almost noon on Christmas day when I was seven. No way. Santa also brought her a new bike, she can't ride it yet, we have snow now. I made a big pot of potato soup and we had lots of appetizers and two chocolate pies, two kinds of cookies and lots of candy. It was a nice relaxing day. At the end of it we all got into Susie's new van and went down to Coralville to look at Christmas lights. It was a really nice day.
 Here are the blankets I made for my nephews and niece.
This is Sawyer's blanket. He is a sweet boy. He had to have knee surgery on Christmas Eve. Poor guy. He is going to be in a wheelchair for a few months. It is snowy and icy and the doctors want to make sure he doesn't hurt it again. He is also in a brace for about a year. I know all about knee surgery and really feel for him.
 The next blanket is Wyatt's.
I made the boy's blankets with the same yarn. I thought they turned out pretty cool. The last one is Sarah's blanket. I showed this one last month, but it is part of the set.
I made Susie a Nativity set and forgot to photograph it before I gave it to her. I finished it Christmas morning and hour before they got to our house. She will get some pictures of it for me later. It turned out really cute and Susie has a number of Nativity Scenes that she puts up at the holidays.
 I am now ready for 2013 to start. Last year I started keeping track of all the things that I make in a project book. I also (try) to write down the patterns that I create in it. I went back and looked at and added up all of my projects and was a bit surprised. Here is what I made in 2012.

12 Bags
14 Blankets
4   Sweaters
12 Toys
1   Book Cover
2   Pillows
1   Dress
8   Household Decorations
1   Cell Phone Cosy
1   Coffee Cup Cosy
2   Headbands
1   Pair of Fingerless Mitts
3   Pairs of Slippers
2   Shawls
4   Hats
3   Scarves
1   Plastic Bag Holder
Total 72 items. I keep my hands busy. Lol. I will keep a project book from now on. It is nice to see what you have actually made at the end of the year.
 Now that I am finished with all of my gifts I am going to finish joining my Granny Love Blanket. I have been keeping it secret since I made a big change to it it half way through. I expect to be finished by mid-week. Somewhere around the 1st. I can't wait to show it to everyone and I really can't wait to put it on our bed. It is so cold here. After having the hottest summer anyone can remember, we have had more days below freezing this December than ever in recorded history. Strange.
 If you are still on vacation from work, enjoy your time off, if not then have a wonderful day anyway. Talk to everyone very soon. :)


  1. I cannot believe everything you made in 2012. Amazing! Best wishes for 2013. xxx

  2. So sorry to hear of your loss - hope you are all ok.

    Love all the lovely blankets, Im sure they are much appreciated, especially with the cold weather you are having.

    Your little girl did so well, I wouldnt have been able to wait either!

    Take care, Helenxx

  3. So sorry to hear about your father in law. Best wishes to you all

    Autum did well waiting to open her presents no way I could have waited!
    Brilliant project list especially since you moved house too!

  4. My condolences on your loss, my friend.

    I'm so impressed with all you got made! I can't hold a candle to you!

      *H*A*P*P*Y* *N*E*W* *Y*E*A*R*!*

    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  5. What a busy lady you are! I love all your blankets, especially the bottom one but only because I'm a big fan of pink!

  6. What gorgeous blankets, I love the idea of making a list of everything you made, it's very impressive :)
    Sue Xxx