Thursday, September 8, 2011

New Project

 How is everyone today? After sending off the finished matching sweaters, I am free to work on some of my other projects without feeling guilty. I started a sweater for myself this summer and after one row stopped myself because I was out of control and had something like 10 projects going at once. I have been working on becoming more disciplined. I always finish them, but it would take forever. So, now I am working on my sweater. Yeah! I got the pattern from Caron yarn and it is called a Penny Arcade Jacket. I got pretty far in the hour I let myself work on it today. The yarn is called Impeccable and is from Michael's store here in the States. I like it because it is acryllic and washable, but so soft and not too expensive. When I stopped working on that I made dinner and then gave myself an hour to work on my One A Day project. I need to figure out how to link and I will try to link the One A Day 
group over at Raverly to my blog.  The premise of the group is to pick a large project and work on one part of it everyday. Like one square or stripe of a blanket. Alice from Crochet With Raymond is one of the coordinators of the group and it is her pattern for her Gypsy Caravan Blanket that I am making. I am still on leave from work and have time to work on the squares for an hour a day. So for the time being my One A Day is an hour and not one square. I should be going back to work in a few weeks and will then most likely be lucky to get one square in each day.
 When I sat down to work on the squares and pulled out my project book, I had to laugh. I had not noticed that the blanket squares look very much like the book. I guess it is obvious what colors and designs I like. The notebook has exactly the same colors in it and I couldn't have made a pattern to look more like the design on the book if I had written the pattern myself. I need 224 squares and I have 15. Lots of work left.  My little one is ready for a bath and then we will read a story and get ready for bed. I hope everyone has a lovely evening and a wonderful day tomorrow.


  1. love the colours in your squares it is amazing that they resemble your notebook. Have you visited the Flower Bed blog? it has loads of colourful crocheted flowers and blankets on there

  2. Hi, I've popped over from OaD,your granny squares look fab,great colours. I look forward to joining in next week. Deb xxxxx

  3. Your squares are lovely and you're right, so like your book cover it's uncanny! I like that you were out of control with your projects, I sometimes feel I have so much on I don't do anything so the one a day is such a good idea for me