Friday, September 23, 2011


 I hope everyone has had a great week. I finished up a couple of projects and have started working on some that have been neglected. Autumn's bedroom is complete. I got her bed put together and the quilt finished.

I also hung up the Butterfly valance that Autumn worked on for days. The light isn't very good, it was early and the sun was coming in the window.
Well, that is an awful picture, I took 4 and they were all like this. You can sort of get the idea. It looks neat in person. Lol.
The house was a disaster for days. I finally got it all squared away today. I then sat down and started working on a blanket I started working on when it was still cold. I can't quite remember when. It was too hot this summer to work on it, but I have made some progress. I had about half of this done and then it just sat there all summer. It is for my husband, he likes the browns and earth tones the best.

The blanket matches the one I made for Autumn last year in pattern (there is a picture of it on Sept. 17 post). Different colors for Daddy. The top picture shows the colors a little better. I took the bottom picture a few minutes ago and it is really dark in here. I also added 17 more squares to my One-a-Day project.
 I have sewn the whole thing together and that is the part that takes forever. I will show that picture on Tuesday's post. It is just too dark in here right now to try to get another picture. After all that blanket making I had to take a little crochet fun break and here is what I am doing tonight. Anybody want to guess what it is. I have never written a pattern before for someone else to follow. Usually I scribble down what I am doing when I make something without an existing pattern. No one would be able to figure it out but me. I will show everyone what this is tomorrow (completed) and hopefully with a pattern to go with it. This little thing has been fun, there are lots of little embellishments to go on it.

My little daughter has got her very own WIP. I love to do needlepoint and cross stitch and all embroidery. So you will all understand how proud I am of her needlepoint.  I have not helped her, except to thread the needle.

I think it is great. She will be 6 in November. I just love how creative and crafty she is becoming.
When I sit down to crochet she gets out her needlepoint and comes to sit next to me to work on it.
So that is what we have been up to this week. I hope the weekend turns out to be wonderful for everyone.

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  1. Oh I can't wait till little princess starts wanting to do crafty things, The boys already give it a go, I got them started with a wool needle and some baking paper and they made their initials, very cute.