Sunday, October 23, 2011


  I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend. We had a good one here. Yesterday I made a bag and lined it with my winnings from the giveaway that Deb hosted. I also sewed the pretty little flowers on to the bag and here is what I came up with..
  The flowers and pink fabric were perfect for the bag. Thank you Deb!
  I spent today cleaning and cooking and, of course, crocheting. While I was cleaning a friend stopped by and offered to take Autumn to the pumpkin patch. They carved pumpkins and she is really proud of this guy.
 She carved it all by herself, I am a little impressed. She is 5. She made two more, but took them to her room and then fell asleep. I don't want to try to get them out of there to take a picture.
I usually make a big dinner on Sunday. Today I made roast beef, mashed potatoes and steamed veggies. Then, because I LoVe to bake, I made a cake...
 I went all out on this cake. Chocolate devils food with chocolate mousse filling and chocolate frosting. We like chocolate just a little bit in this house.
  Then I worked on my One-a-Day...
 The last thing we did this weekend was get 22 goodie bags ready for Autumn's class. They are having a Halloween party and even though it is a week away we had to get it done today. I am partnered with one of the other class Mom's, so we got half of the stuff and got it ready then I am handing the whole thing over to her tomorrow for her to finish. I am glad I had someone to help with it. 22 goodie bags can get pricey. They are all boxed and ready...

And yes those are records in the stereo cabinet. Shows our age. Lol. All in all it was a nice weekend. I will see everyone on Tuesday for the One-a-Day update.



  1. yum yum that chocolate cake looks devine
    we had roast beef and mash also lol
    love your crocheted bags great colours
    thanks for comment on my blog
    i think i prefer sucrettes pattern

  2. Now that is one gorgeous pumpkin! Oh and your bag is most lovely too mummy! I am sitting here sipping my morning coffee drooling over your cake, I think I should maybe have some breakfast! LOL

  3. I love how you've used your giveaway, that bag is fab the flowers look perfect. Thank you so much for my box of chocolates and card ( tell your friend it's beautiful) and thank your little girl for the little ring , I love it. They arrived this afternoon and Hubby and I ate them all, they were delicious. Thanks again, I really wasn't expecting anything. Have a good