Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Work In Progress Wednesday

Hello everyone,
  I missed Tuesday's Tallies and I haven't posted in over a week. I can't say I have been any busier than normal I just haven't gotten around to posting. I worked on a Christmas present last week that took up most of my time. I will show that after the gift has been given. I did work on my One-a-Day projects too.

I have a whole basket of squares ready to sew together. It is hard to work on though, it is so big and takes up so much space. I usually work on it when everyone is asleep.
  I worked on the Happy Ripple too. I only got 6 stripes done this week. I am close to half way done with this one.
GingerbreadGirl hosts the One-a-Day group and you can see everyone's progress over on her blog.
I was going to write a long post today and catch up, however, I have to go get birthday presents for my daughter and since my husband is off today, this is my only chance to go out alone. I will talk to everyone tomorrow and post the rest of what I have been up to.


  1. Wow both your blankets are so big,and they are looking awesome. I look forward to seeing the gifts you have been working on!

  2. WoW how amazing your granny square blanket is so big. Love your ripple blanket too :-)

  3. wow both projects are coming along. You are completing far more than I am. Well done

  4. Your ripple is really pretty, you're hooking that up so quickly!
    xxx Heather