Thursday, November 10, 2011

Happy Thursday

  I wanted to add the things I left out of yesterday's post. I spent most of last week working on a Christmas present that I can't show anyone yet. I love it though. Then Sunday was my husband's birthday. He had to work so we went out last Friday and took Will to dinner and did a little birthday shopping. He wanted a speaker for his ipod. Better if he chooses those things on his own. Then we went to our (used to be) favorite restaurant. We had the worst service. I was already so tired that it made me mad. Autumn and I go out to eat breakfast on the weekend. Will doesn't like to go out to eat very much. There is one restaurant he likes and the last few times we have been there the service has been terrible. Oh well. The food was good, even if we had to wait an hour for it. Lol. We had fun though. I made him a cake on Sunday, Autumn and I wanted to eat it before he got home, but we were good.
This cake was so good! Dark chocolate with butter cream and toffee chips. There is no more cake left. I love making cakes and it is a good thing. Tonight I have to make 50 cupcakes and tomorrow night two birthday cakes. My little baby is turning 6 tomorrow. She is taking cupcakes to school and we are also taking cupcakes the nursery school where I work. Autumn rides the bus there on days I am working and then I get off and we come home. I just started to work there in September, but Autumn went to pre-school there for two years.
  I have been trying to figure out the pattern for this Christmas tree garland. The pattern is not available and I can't find the magazine anywhere.
It looks ok. I think the top needs to be a little more pointed, not so flat. Then my oldest friend from grade school asked me if I could make her twin nephews each a hooded sweater for Christmas. Her twin daughters got the first two I made, and Autumn wears one all the time too. The sweaters take about 20 hours each to work up. I think they will be really cute.
The first one is three shades of green and a brown border. The second one will be three shades of blue with the brown border.
The boys are cute, blonde blue eyed two year olds. This week is full, but I am hoping to get them done next week so I can get them sent off to California. I will talk to everyone soon. Have to get ready for work now.


  1. Happy Birthday to your husband and to Autumn. I hope she has a fun time! Can't wait to see the finished sweaters. :-)

  2. Happy Birthday to your little one! I wish her a wonderful day! Your cake looks so delicious!

  3. Yum the cake looked lovely! Hope your hubby had a great day!

    The jumper yarn is really nice colours, sounds like they make up quite quickly, but gosh you must be busy!

    Like your Christmas tree, I saw a pattern for a stuffed tree only today in a magazine I thought I may try, haven't got to tree decs though won't be long!

  4. Happy birthday hubby and little one, you must be super Mum getting so many cakes made and still so much crafty goodness going on as well! Loving the colour combos for the hoodies can't wait to see how they turn out! Xx