Wednesday, December 14, 2011

An Award and a few FO's

  I have been so busy, just like everyone around the world right now. Somehow I missed that I had been nominated for the Liebster Award. It came from Moonstruckcreations. Like I said, I don't know how I missed it because I follow that blog. She was one of my first followers. Anyway, a great big thank you. I really appreciate it. The award goes to blogs with less than 200 followers, when you have received it then pass it on to 5 blogs you enjoy..

Here are the five blogs that I love...

 1. Hilly Town Blue
2. The Green Dragonfly
3. All4meggymoo
4. Ali G Knits
5. Stocki

 There are many more that I love, these are just a few. Please go check them out and leave a comment.. Some are brand new and just looking for readers.
  I have suspended work on the One-A-Day until after Christmas. I sit down to work on it and feel guilty because I have so many things to finish before next week. Somehow I thought we had another week. Lol. My boss was talking about the schedule and I said "Oh, and after next week we have to schedule for the kids being out of school for the week before Christmas. " She looked at me like I had lost my mind and said that Christmas is at the end of next week. Yikes. The kids here don't get out of school for a week before the Holiday like I always did. They only get 10 days off. I was surprised. We always got 2 week off. No matter what. Oh well. The Nursery school I work at is closed the week between Christmas and New Year's, so I get to have some quality time with Autumn and Will. Yea! I am looking forward to it. So is Autumn. We don't get to see Will too much during the week. He works evenings. Anyway, I did get a few projects finished this week too.
   Here are the stockings I made for the three of us...
Autumn is very disturbed that mine is so much smaller. He he. Santa doesn't leave me anything anyway. I may have to add a couple rows to make her happy. I didn't have a pattern. If anyone is interested I will write it up and post it. It was very simple. We don't have a mantle or fireplace anymore. But we do have lots of bookcases.
  I also made one of the little birdies from Attic24. I can't believe I haven't made one until now. Very cute and only took about 20 minutes to make.
   I then made a scarf for one of the girls at work who is having a birthday this week. She loves teal. This is from the Red Heart Yarn free patterns. It is called Ripple Hat and Scarf.  LW1417. I didn't make the hat this time. She won't wear it. But I have made the hat before and it is a nice pattern and works up really quickly.

Another 4:00 am photo with me in my jammies. He he. I have to go get ready for work now. I will see everyone in a day or two. I am turning out one or two projects a day. I have 6 to finish before the big day.


  1. Kashi
    Thank you so much for the award. I am so grateful and sooooo glad that you enjoy my blog! I love yours to.
    You have been working so hard, I love all your work but especially the scarf at the end. Turquoise is a big favourite of mine.
    Now, if I can figure out how to put the little image in my blog I will be able to thank you properly tomorrow and pass it on. X

  2. wow thank you sooooooo much, you have made my day!
    I love your christmaas stockings, your so clever working without a pattern, Im not quite there I think i still have a lot to learn.
    Your scarf is so pretty too.

    thank you and merry christmas.

  3. Thank you so much for the award! Its really nice that you thought of me :) I cant believe how busy you have been, those stockings are especially cute; I might have to add them to my (ever growing) list!!!!