Monday, December 26, 2011

Happy Holidays

  The big day has come and gone. Whew. We actually had a great Christmas. For the first time since we were married, Will and I didn't go anywhere or have any company for the holiday. It was just us and Autumn. We have had really warm weather and no snow either. Very unusual. We had a great weekend though. Saturday we went for a drive and out to lunch, then we took Autumn to the park. Not something we can usually do in December. Yesterday we all slept in then opened presents. I put a roast in the crock pot and made some potatoes and we were set. I had made a few desserts for our family party (it was cancelled due to illness) so we even had yummy treats. A no fuss Christmas.
  I worked on crochet projects that were just for fun. Not gifts, not my one-a-day. I got a Nook from Autumn and Will and you know I have to make a case for it. Lol.

I have a bunch of dk cotton yarn for the Beautiful Blogger Blanket squares I have been making and it is perfect for making a case for the Nook. Here are the squares I am going to send to Stocki.

I love how they turned out. Stocki is having a Beautiful Blogger Blanket contest. Click on the button for details.
This project is  lots of fun and Stocki has a great blog.
  I also made a sweater for a friend of mine at work last week. It was her birthday.

Not a good picture, but the cardigan turned out really nice. It was made with Bamboospun yarn from Hobby Lobby. Very soft.

Unfortunately, I took these pictures when it is dark and you can't see the details. It has covered buttons, I have never made those before and honestly, I think I will just buy buttons that match from now on. Lol. that was it though for my WIP's. All I have left are my two blankets that I am working on for my One-a-Day project and almost everyone in that group has taken a break for the holidays. I am going to work on them this week and will blog about them tomorrow for Tuesday's Tallies. I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and I will talk to everyone tomorrow. Happy crafting.


  1. Sounds like a lovely day. We had only 1/3 of our kids and grands here. One moved 2000 miles away and one was in Cali with his family. But we had a nice meal and a nice time. Nice of you to do a sweater for a friend!
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. The squares are beautiful. That's great you had a nice Christmas. Hope you have a relaxing week. Looking forward to seeing your progress on the blankets :)

  3. Teresa, Isn't it hard when family is far away. Mine live in California, Texas and Arizona. It makes the holidays kind of hard. I know you miss your kids. I hope you have a nice rest of the holiday season. I am sure you will be super busy as always.

  4. Happy holidays to you all!

    Im not sure how many days off work you get in the US, but Ive managed to get 2 weeks off this year - bliss!!


  5. Glad you hear you had a lovely Christmas! Your crochet squares and cardi look fab!!!

    Louise xx

  6. Hi Kashi... Sorry, this is such a late response, but I have been very absent from bloggy land over Christmas! I am delighted to see the squares for the Beautiful Blogger Blanket of 2012...they are really exciting to think that they are going to be on their way soon... I hope you had a lovely Christmas and that your New Year celebrations will be perfect this weekend :)x