Sunday, March 11, 2012

Catch Up

Hi everyone,
 It seems like I have been really busy for the last two weeks. My Mom is coming to visit tomorrow and I am taking the week off, Autumn is off for Spring break too. It will be fun, especially after all the running around we have been doing lately. I haven't gotten much work done on my projects, but here is what I have been doing.
This little guy was one of the CALs we did in the Everything CAL group over on Ravelry. The name of the pattern is Roly Poly Kat. Very quick and easy little project.

 I also joined Karisma in making this sweater for a CAL with the same group (Everything CAL). I thought it turned out really cute. I will take pictures of the baby wearing it when I get to work today.
I actually enjoyed this pattern. I know Karisma didn't like the way it had to be sewn together and it has inspired her to come up with her own pattern, which I am eagerly awaiting. I liked it though. It was small and easily portable.
 Here is another photo with the little lady that I gave the sweater to.

 I also tested a pattern for my friend Lucy, it was top secret until this morning I saw she had published it on her blog. Please look at her blog, her wrist warmers are much prettier.
I have to admit that mine aren't as pretty, but I only had two colors available in my DK scrap assortment. The pattern calls for 7 different colors. I loved the pattern, it was easy to follow and works up quickly. I am going to make some more when I have all the colors.
 I also made a potholder for  the Everything CAL group I belong to.
It came out a little wonky, but I think I will press it and see how it looks.
I will post for Tuesday's Tallies, I missed this week but I do have some progress to show. I will see everyone soon. :)


  1. Woah! 'Haven't got much work done on your projects' your hook must have been smoking! I love all of your projects but the little sweater is adorable (and the proud new owner). The Pot holder looks clever too. Thanks for testing the Wrist Warmers, you did a great job and it was very kind of you :) xxx Enjoy Spring Break and the visit from your Mom.

  2. Love the cat and all the projects. I really like the potholder. I wonder what it would look like if it was made bigger, do 2 of them, sew them together and stuff them as a cushion. I just think the shape is really class.

  3. Hi Kashi I've been wondering how you are! Love the baby jacket and the wrist warmers - I saw Lucy's too! But I like the potholder the most - must have one! Love Judy xx

  4. What a wonderful sweater you made, the baby looks adorable! I'm working on Teddy Bear #3 in mint green cotton blend, only one leg to go! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  5. Wonderful projects Kashi! The cat is so cute and the sweater looks amazing, also your wristwarmers. I have made the potholder too, it´s a great pattern.
    Have a happy week! xxxBarbina

  6. Hi Kashi, I don't think I've commented yet about our swap! despite being one of the organisers I am nowhere near ready yet..... Your crochet is fantastic, thanks for your lovely comments on my bag :)