Tuesday, March 13, 2012

It's Tuesday!

  Time for Tuesday's Tallies again. I didn't show my work last week. I had added Meadow green to my Stylin Ripple and I really wasn't sure if I liked it. I kept plugging away hoping that I would change my mind. My Mom got here yesterday and I asked her if she thought the green should come out. She said yes. So, I pulled out 12 rows. Yes, 12 rows. But I am happy with how it looks now.
  I just finished row 42 which happens to be how many days I have been working on it. I like it much better this way and I got my second order of Stylecraft in the mail yesterday. I won't be using every color in the pack for this blanket, but now I have plenty to use just the colors I want. I won't use Meadow, Saffron, Spring Green and Aspen. I can make something else with those. I love green, I just didn't like how it was looking in this particular blanket. I am making this blanket with the One-a-day group on Ravelry.

 On Thursday my friend sent me a text with a photo of a coffee cup with an elephant cosy and asked if I could make her one. I looked and looked for the pattern for the thing and couldn't find it. So I came up with my own. I think it is pretty cute. I actually love elephants and collect them, I might have to make one of these for myself.
I don't know if you can see his tail and his ears aren't that smushy looking.
Kind of hard to tell. It is supposed to be in the seventies today and sunny. In an hour or so my Mom and Autumn will get up and then we are headed over the border to Illinois to go to the Niabi Zoo. I can't wait. It is a nice little Zoo and it just opened for the season last week. I hope everyone has a wonderful week and for everyone else who is on Spring Break this week, stay safe and enjoy.


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    1. Hi Sue, I hate it when this happens. The title went out and not the post. lol.

  2. Hey Kashi...the ripple blanket is coming along so well... I love the colours as they are..hope you have a lovely day at the Zoo..:)x

  3. Lovely makes, the elephant is cute!

    so pleased you are involved in the Diamond Jubilee swap.

    Sorry that I havent commented for a while, its been a bit manic at work just lately...


  4. That blanket is gorgeous and the elephant is so cute.. good work, my friend!
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  5. Beautiful ripple!
    Enjoy the zoo, Judy xx

  6. Gorgeous ripple and very cute elephant. You are so clever.

  7. Your ripple blanket looks gorgeous, fab colours and what a cute cup cosy.xxx

  8. You are so productive again Kashi, and your work is so beautiful and original. I adore your elephant cosy, simply lovely.

  9. I LOVE your blanket! Sounds like you did exactly the right thing with the green, you'd never have been happy with it!

    Also wanted to encourage you with your knitting after your comment on my Continental Knitting post - sounds like you're a natural! x

  10. Your ripple blanket is looking fab fab fab. Live the colours.
    I love your elephant cup cozy it's so cute
    Hope you enjoyed the zoo :-)

  11. Kashi, your ripple blanket is coming out beautifully. The elephant cozy is adorable.