Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sunday's Year Of Projects Update


 We have had another full week here. Our little town had it's annual festival and my daughter and I were in the parade with all of my co-workers and the children who attend the daycare. Today I cleaned our house top to bottom and then all three of us took a trip to the library in Iowa City. When we got home I sat down to rest and crochet. My camera is not working so I have been using my phone. It takes pretty good photos, I just need to play with it a little more. I also downloaded Instagram, but I need to play with that a little more too so that I can figure out how to put those photos on my blog. I am a complete techno idiot. My husband had to show me how to get the photos off my phone and on to the computer. I know, it is pathetic.
 I worked on the Sidewalk Shawl, the cardigan and I finally found my beloved Japanese Flower Scarf and added a couple of flowers to that as well.
 Here is the progress I have made on my Sidewalk Shawl.
I had to pull back several rows when I found a mistake. It is an easy pattern, I think I had too many things going on when I was trying to work on it. Back on track though and I love how the pineapples are starting to be visible.
 I have started on the front panels for the cardigan.
I haven't gotten much work done on this one, but I was so excited when I found this...
I love this so much. I can't wait for the cool weather so I can wear it.
 I have also been working on my Granny Love Blanket, but I will post about that one on Tuesday's Tallies.  I also made the ThankYou gift bag and started on a project that is half-way done. It is my own creation and it is for the nursery I work in. I think I will be able to share on Wednesday. I am going to post tomorrow, I was given the Lovely Blog award by two lovely bloggers. Thank you Shari and Eileen. That would make four posts in four days. Lets see if I can do it. Lol. I will talk to you tomorrow. :)


  1. I finished a Sidewalk Shawl not too long ago, you will LOVE it!! I love mine. I was surprised just how easy it was too!! I love the white, great choice!!

  2. I have Instagram and haven't got it figured out either.. so much technology, so little time.... LOL! Love your projects! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. Love that pineapple work - that will be STUNNING

  4. I'm hopeless with anything complicated if there are distractions :) When I first started knitting socks I had to sit in complete silence while I did the heel turn and grafted the toes :)

    Looks lovely so far!

  5. The sidewalk shawl looks like it is going to be lovely. Glad you found the Japanese flower scarf because it rocks. Wearing that in the winter will brighten up everyone's day.

  6. Your Pineapple shawl is looking lovely, as are all your projects. You must be exhausted with all the things you have going on, thank goodness for crochet to relieve the stress!

  7. Really love the look of your shawl and your scarf is so bright and cheerful.

  8. I love the flower scarf. It's perfect to cheer up a miserable winters day.

    I admit that if a pattern is complicated I sit in silence and do it, if anything is there to distract me then it's tickets. I tend to leave those projects for Tuesdays and Thursdays when I am home alone in the mornings

  9. You have accomplished a lot..and I consider myself an IT idiot..we are a dying breed, heading for extinction and therefore need to be lovingly protected!

    1. I always thought I was pretty smart. I did well in school and college. The computer revolution left me somewhere in 1985. I do my best, but... Oh well. Talk to you soon.

  10. Such pretty crocheting! I love the flower shawl.

  11. That flowery shawl is lovely, it'll be gorgeous when finished!

  12. Sorry you had to frog, I really hate doing that too. Love all the pretty colors in your grannies.