Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Tuesday's Tallies 21 August, 2012



 Tuesday again. School starts today for my little one. She is now a first grader. She has officially left her babyhood behind. I love watching her grow, but I am a little melancholy over how quickly it is all happening. I don't have a first day of school photo, no one is awake yet. It is only 4:30 in the morning.
 My progress for the week looks a lot like last weeks progress. I joined all the squares for the fourth strip and made all the squares for the fifth strip. I sewed in all the ends on all of the squares. Yay. Here is this weeks progress.
Here it was last week, you can see it slowly growing.
My goal for this week is to have the sixth row made, joined and ends sewn in by next Tuesday's Tallies post. That will put me 1/3 of the way through the blanket. Remember, I want to finish this by the cold weather. Our nights are already starting to get chilly.
 This is my One-A-Day blanket and Carole hosts a link party on her blog. Go see what cool things everyone else is making. Talk to you soon.


  1. Well done Kashi, looking lovely!
    Victoria xx

  2. You've made such a lot of progress, you work so quickly.

  3. Oh Kashi,
    I love your blanket, especially your colours and I hate to sew the squares! So I admire your speed in sewing and I hope you can finish it as soon as you want! Have a great time! Sabine from Germany.

  4. What a special day it is for your and your daughter! I hope she had a wonderful time with her first day at school.

    The granny is growing nicely. I set goals like that too and find it keeps me on track.

    Hugs from Holland ~

  5. Oh it's so hard when they start school - I remember that feeling and dread it again next year :(

    You're making great progress on your crochet - it's looking lovely xxx

  6. It's looking gorgeous, you're making great progress. One of my girls are in their last year of Uni and the other last year of college, the time flies. It only seems like yesterday when they first started school. Deb xx

  7. That's *really* good progress!! If you manage to make a row of squares and join another each week you'll be done in a fortnight haha!

    How did the first day of the First Grade go? Is that 5-6 year olds? x

    1. Thank you, first day of school went well. First grade is mostly 6 year olds. The age cut off in Iowa is in September, so most of these little ones will turn 7 when they are in first grade. Each state is different. In California where I am from, the cut off is in December. You have some really young ones in those classes.