Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Tuesday's Tallies - Granny Love Update

 Autumn is my favorite time of the year. I am loving this fall more than most. We have our new house that I love living in. The place we were in before was always temporary, even though we lived there for two years. We have our privacy, we have nice neighbors, my daughter has two little friends that live next door. This is a good fall season for our little family.
 I have been working on my Granny Love blanket. I have around 60 more squares to go and then I am done. Whew! I have changed it considerably since the last time I posted about it. I will show the changes pretty soon. I don't want to show the whole blanket until it is done. I am close. Here are the squares I finished this week.
There are about 100 sitting here. Doesn't look like it when they are all piled up. Like I said, I made a major change to this blanket and I can't wait to show it. Pretty soon. This project is part of the One-A-Day group on Ravelry and Gingerbreadgirl hosts a link party every Tuesday. Go check out everyone's neat work. There are some really beautiful projects on the go. I will talk to everyone tomorrow. I have more things to blog about. :)


  1. Such pretty squares, love the colours. Have a good week. Deb x

  2. I love it when things 'fall' into place. Happy Days. xxx

  3. pretty squares. Im glad you are happier in your new home, it does make you feel more settled in yourself when you live in a lovely house surrounded by lovely people.

  4. Congrats for your new home! The squares are lovely. Have a great week. Sabine.

  5. Love the ganny love squares,glad your enjoying your new home,Xxxx

  6. Great colors and I cannot wait to see that little surprise of what you are doing. I also love autumn most of all the seasons. It is always too short for me.

    Glad you are loving your new home. We have lived in ours for two years now but I still have to move in mentally since we are battling to get our rights after a man ruined our floor downstairs. Perhaps when that happens...I too can be happy in this house like you are.

    Hugs from Holland ~

  7. Can't wait to see the changes you're making as they look so cute there! I love Autumn too, just blogged about it myself. It's even better when it give the perfect excise to wrap up in some yarny goodness :)

    Have a great week