Sunday, March 2, 2014

March 2014

 I am sitting here watching the snowplows out in the street. When will spring come? This year, I don't know if it will. We have somewhere around 35 days of below 0 F this season. I have lived here for almost 15 years and this is the most brutal winter I have experienced. I usually love winter, not so much this year though. It doesn't help that I have been in a cast, on crutches or in an orthopedic boot since September. I had surgery in January and I hope to be 100% by summer. I have been really enjoying summer the last couple of years. I get to take the older kids at our daycare/preschool on day trips. I love it and my daughter is one of the kids in the summer program. Right now, summer seems like a distant dream.
 I spent most of January laying on my couch recovering from surgery. I made so many things and gave a lot of them away without taking photos. I couldn't put any weight on my foot and I couldn't get up to sit at the computer either. I did manage photos of some of the blankets I made.

The first two are for family and they are very warm, made with super bulky yarn. The last one was for one of Will's co-workers. She welcomed her first grandchild in January and he asked me to make her a blanket and a hat. Of course, I didn't get any photos of the hat. Lol.
  The first blanket is the Neat Ripple from Lucy, my go to pattern for ripples. The second one is my pattern for a Granny Rectangle. The last is just a straight forward granny square, continued until I thought it was large enough. It is 40"by40".
 Now I am working on a little patchwork granny blanket for a girl I know, I was 17 when she was born and she now has three daughters of her own. She doesn't know I am making it for her baby and I am also going to make something for each of her older girls.
I am also working on a huge ripple, haven't taken any photos yet, it is a stash buster. There is also a tote bag that we are working on in our Ravelry group, Everything Zen. I think it will be perfect for carrying stuff around on all of our field trips this summer, like to the pool. I can't wait. Here is the yarn I am using, I may add some more colors.

I hope everyone is having a good weekend. It is still looking like winter here and in most of the country. Talk to everyone soon.


  1. Kashi, all of your makes are really pretty. I'm sorry to hear you've been laid up. I hope you're doing better now.

  2. Autumn has arrived down under, bringing with it lots and lots of rain. :-) I am loving all your blankets. Never ceases to amaze me how fast you whip them up. I am sticking to small things at the moment. Sending some warm vibes your way. Happy Spring. xox